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Full Moon Message - the symptoms of Earth Changes in your Body, Mind and Heart

As above so below, again and again. Life is totally connected, from the big to the small, from the level of earth as a planet to you in your body. The many different earth changes that we can observe and monitor today are a true mirror for observing humanity and the other way around. The changes 'out there' are happening 'in here' with everyone, for everyone, through everyone. Science knows this and agrees that we are much more connected to the events taking place today on earth than that we are given credit for. We call ourselves children of our Mother Earth, perhaps not knowing how similar we truly are: On a sacred geometrical/ energy level we humans hold around our bodies the exact same energetic shapes and proportions as the earth does. NASA was baffled at first, but has now come to grips with the holistic universe we live in and base their cutting edge work on these understandings. They know that nothing happens outside of humanity (on earth) that does not happen within humanity (our consciousness) and vice verse. How powerful! What if you would use that knowledge to change things for the betterment of all Life on Earth?
Before we talk about betterment of all Life, lets look inside. Lets observe our bodily responses to a dropping magnetic field as it prepares to hit Zero Point. Now it is simply highly unstable, unpredictable and sometimes to weak to pick up. Lets observe our physical, psychological state of being in relationship to the ever speeding up of the earths resonance field, the heartbeat of earth, called the Schumann resonance. These planetary changes that happen outside of us, affect our bodies directly and it is not without any reason that most of the people today 'suffer' from all sorts of uncommon (consciousness changing) symptoms.

Unexplained migraine headaches, tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, electrical sensations in the limbs and spinal column (prana tube), cramps in your muscles, flu and cold like symptoms, intense dreams, a feeling of disorientation and the feeling like time is flying by and even change of physical features like flaring up of the 3rd eye region to name a few. Does this sound like you or someone you konw? What is the message of all these symptoms? How to address the root cause of it within you?

Well one, they are a clear sign you are changing, rewiring, preparing you to be making the transition now already instead of a collective rapid jump into the our next level when critical mass, zero point, is reached. So, be grateful that your 'first in line' to go through this and in doing so you are, again, broadening the bandwidth and curving the road on the collective road-map for others. Being 'sick' has never been a service to humanity until now (smile), you're experience of it and the way you deal with it shapes the template for others!

It is definitely calling you to take up responsibility for your body, mind and energy signature and stop looking outside of you or pointing outward to look for causes or reasons. Your body is upgrading itself. Give it what it needs and so be fully responsible for your nutrition, the nutrients/food you put in your body. Food holds/is vibration, going into you who is vibration too. Dead food is dead vibration, life foods are sustaining vibrations.
Be conscious in what you consume, how you consume as it affects the mind and your body (if not your ability to evolve spiritually), this includes the continuation of consumption of brainwashing television, that is not there to take you to your next level at all, but keep you being a healthy consumer of the ever expanding (and thus
destroying) new world Empire.

Infuse your mind with information that heals, brings understanding to your rapidly changing reality, provides an images in the mind of wholeness, connectedness, oneness. So, meditate with nature, in nature, get back in real connection with Earth. She is moving through this and therefore are you, get in touch and real establish a feeling/experience based connection with her and your stresses will ease. It is so easy, she is so welcoming you, always.

Know that you are responsible for how your transition develops in this magical time called the Shift of the Ages. Take up your responsibilities and work on them as you also focus on betterment of all Life. And know that the higher your frequency or energy signature is within you the more power or effect you have on the field for everyone. Know that you are Loved, have always been and please love yourself. Fill up that cup so you can overflow.

Quickly lets talk about real betterment for all life: There is a river stream divided up in 7 sections, or 13 if you like, you can choose to do your (light) work from any section, but you only affect the sections coming after the one you are working from. Which one do you choose. All sections are good they just operate from different energy focus points and have therefor different results. People involved in the 3d world will say working from the heart, or that with my intellect, my head combined. Or we choose to be an activist and we fight against flow, trying to affect things upstream perhaps. I'm a conservationist trying to maintain my section, the earth as is. They are all beautiful and all telling you exactly where you are in a particular field, choose wisely because you can only spend energy once and it seems that if your at the lower end of the stream your energy seems to have less influence on what lies above.

Yes, we're currently less interested in just saving trees (we plant lots instead), or a save a species, or cleaning up drinking water or trying to stop pollution from killing of life everywhere. Though these are all valid, important and precious actions in the 3d, they are also a mirror of human collective activity our (un)consciousness, but also a depiction of your individual point of orientation and as Einstein once cleverly said; "You cannot fix a problem from the same level that it was created" you need to ' fix' it on a higher level. A higher level of us.

With that in mind lets go right to the Grids again this Full Moon. Connect from your sacred space in the heart to the heart of mother earth. Share your intention to access the new grid, and She knows, She always knows, just come from love and a focus for unity. Sit in your space and see in your inner vision or your outer vision this magnificent grid-work spread across the earth. See others streaming about. From your heart out, pour your desire or intend for healing of all life without judgment of how it came about, pour out your gratitude for Mother Earths divine intelligence for preparing this grid for us with the Ancient Ones, our indigenous people of Earth. Just be and feel the connection and love.

Thank you so much for being alive today, in this time, doing this work in your way, from your heart, with your love. It is so beautiful. Thank you.


- this message is yours for the sharing with those who resonate - kind regards, Mother Earth.

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