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We are getting closer to the coming Full Moon -- the second
last one before we gather in NewZealand with the Waitaha
family. The July Full Moon will take place July 7^th 10:23 a.m.
London time -- please adjust your local time).

After Sagittarius Moon we will have a Capricorn Full Moon
this time. Capricorn is a good sign of the zodiac to make things
clear, to bring something to a point, to set a structure, to make
something concrete and durable -- something we might appreciate
in these fast moving time......

As Lilith is involved (cojunction with Moon) this might have
something to do with powerful women, female power (can also
be within men!), any Goddess showing up.....

From an energy point of view it might be interesting that we will
have a lunar eclipse on July 7, too. You can hardly see it this
time -- nevertheless it is there. You might all remember my
fascination for solar and lunar eclipses. On such days we always
have a good chance to experience something special, unexpected,
mysterious -- whatsoever.....

As you know I like the new celestial bodies that were discovered
during the last couple of years. Here is one that plays into this
Full Moon. His name is Varuna -- a vedic god of cosmic order.
on pictures you see him riding either on a sea monster or on a
Dolphin (I prefer this He is a dethroned central
deity, whatever that means for today. He is/was ruler of seas,
rivers and the weather (climate) an arbiter on rain. So let us see
whether this God might have an influence on this Full Moon.....

Silvan Zulle

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