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"We can't explore the different aspects of self if we have judgment. To find our nonjudgmental mind we are reaching deeper inside of ourselves and we feel expansion! That expansion makes us high, like making the winning shot in a basketball game, or beating our fear and jumping off a high rock into a lake. Expansion of self is made possible with a nonjudgmental mind." - "The Lucid Body" by Fay Simpson. The Lionheart curriculum places great importance on developing the Objective Observer nonjudgmental mind. Here's what you can do to practice cultivating a nonjudgmental mind: After a challenging interaction replay the event or dialogue that transpired. Imagine you are watching the scene replay like rewinding a movie. Reflect on the thoughts you had inwardly. Were there any positive or negative judgments that occurred? If so, how did they affect the communication between you and the other person. Now replay the scene again from the perspective of your nonjudgmental Objective Observer. Does it invite a different outcome? Conclude with 5 or 6 breaths and see if you notice a state of expansion. -Laura Fine, Director of Lionheart Institute

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