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Dear Family of Light,

Greetings of peace, light and love from the inner heart and the heart of the
world. As the Solstice changes the seasons, we awaken with new reason. What is
the reason you came to earth? Do you remember the promise made to God before you
were born? As 2008 ends make this new cycle and year one where transformation to
Christ Consciousness is the template, a chance to reawaken your mission as
Healers of the World and Stars of Peace.

We just passed the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter and the longest night
of the year. The effects of the Galactic Center being activated by the eclipse of
August are opening doorways and reprogramming your being on the cellular level.
The sun is on Hydrogen mode, solar flares and Nothing seems as it is and
everything seems to be changing. So we change to be rearranged. We are ending
2008 and going into 2009. 2+9 = 11 -- 11 is a powerful symbol of doorways,
codes-11:11 and dual infinity. II also represents 2 or two souls uniting as one,
God & ME. Soul mates in time or 2 lovers in a song divine.

This season is a time to be One with God, with your family and with the dream
you have encoded in your spiritual database. Having Faith in One, we become
carefree and able to fly with the wings of love. Can you feel One Strength and
One Support, seeing the Light of God returning you to the essence. We see our
eternal nature, a dot, a star. Just a tiny point of light that can time travel in
infinity. You have always been and always will, so eternal you are that we forget
our greatness.

Imagine in a very very small, invisible dot is recording all your his-her story
or drama since time began, all the actors, different places you have been,
various names and yes- rich, poor, sinner... saint.

You become Time. We are creating time with an awareness of the cycle. As it is
you who travels thru time and space recording everything like a tree who sees all
in silent witness. We begin to see that everything is perfect and no accidents,
mistakes maybe all is pre-destined or being destined again.

So what time is it? Can you stop time or at least slow it down? As is your
thoughts so will be your experience. A space between thoughts brings peace, like
the space between notes in music creates harmony.

These past few days have given me a chance to be light and carefree. With my dear
sister Marce in the Hospital it has given me a new mean to Love, what is healing
if love is not present. Like Songs of Happiness flowing from my heart. We take a
pill of happiness and all illness fades away.

Also in this time we can see the beauty of the soul being able to detach from the
body and let the in-balance flow again.

I had 2 heal the past and see with new eyes the beauty of the soul next to me.
I was merged in the Eyes of God and she was next to me. A jewel in the eyes of
the Magician and he was changing me into a butterfly and everyone around me.

Flying with the wind, I could feel God was the wind and He knew exactly where I
must land. In The Hand of God, worry is a useless word.

The more I create happiness in myself by watching the game like a butterfly I
feel a power that no one can take away. The nourishment of Happiness fills the
mind and intellect with such Shakti, that you feel like a carefree emperor in the
Heart Throne of God, a power and blessing that makes you ever healthy, ever
wealthy, ever wise.

A couple weeks ago I talked about a renewed awareness of the need to be Silent
and Listen, to become timeless. These 2 words have the same letters. When we
listen to our higher self we can see our purpose in life and sometimes it is
clearer in Silence. Take time to go to within, to a space where time is absent,
in the soul world vibrating next to God.

Have you ever tried to stand still? What would happen if you really became still
and silent? I know this is hard for your children and even some gown ups, but it
is essential for peace of mind. A scattered mind is on a crash course with
destiny. A calm mind controls and creates destiny.

You can stop time and it is all in the power of pure thinking. One Pure thought
can take you to God directly, no middle man or side scenes. Remember you are the

Masters of Time. Timeless, Free and Double-Light.

We all have a lot of sense, but few go into the essence. We have to put sense
into our essence and become Light Houses of Peace. Embodiment of coolness one
minute, then a powerful light the next, this is my task for this coming year.

A Meditation for World Seva ~*~

Imagine the sun in your third eye and you expand to become the solar system,
planets revolve around you and you hold earth in between your hands. From the
Soul World, God as Shiva in the form of a Powerful Sun beyond time is sending a
golden healing light down your crown chakra and it shines from the 3rd eye, your
Sun, a blue light expands from your heart and a red-green light explodes from
your eyes. We heal the earth with our thoughts and imagination. Just the simple
act of prayer or a thought of love to nature will protect you in future days when
nature will seem crazy. Just look at the nature of things today. Nothing is a
given and anything can happen suddenly. So it is important to be awake with your
3rd Eye and become a destroyer of obstacles. In the end all obstacles come to
make you stronger and when you see the game, a smile of happiness makes it all go

Going deeper into Silence, we slow down our thoughts and peace is the result. We
feel the Soul World is our true home. It is like I am swimming in an ocean of
peace…. nirvana, beyond sound and I am just a seed of light dancing with
dolphins, angels and my family of star beings. No worries of the world down

We are beings of peace, so why not become peace in action with a generous dose of
love. Believe me the world is in desperate need of love, peace and happiness!

Listen to God, really listen….. He is only a thought away and loves you more than
you can imagine. We can be at our darkest night, but there is a wonderful Light
at the end of the tunnel. You are connected to that Light and He Loves you, now
and forever. So smile and be happy!

When we feel that Energy, that original peace that has no words, then the heart
opens like a flower. You love the true U, a point of light. Loving each other,
God smiles. One smile from God can heal a million broken hearts. Love flows in
timeless directions and Peace is my birthright. Your heart is healed and all the
past is just a cosmic video.

Wisdom is knowing this world is just a stage to express your divinity. When you
see that Eternal Light and remember who You really are…then Listening with an
open heart becomes a way of life. Listen and be Silent, this can set you free. It
has been my God Speed ticket to real freedom and a happy heart.

Many around the world are celebrating Christmas, the memory of the birth of
Christ. But it is also a memory of the Christ Consciousness within each one to
awaken. Christ came to show God's Love and His Memory will live forever.

That Love endures today, but how many of us really Love without expectations. Do
you really Love yourself and everyone around you? Can you forgive that one person
that caused you pain many years ago or today? Past is past and letting go is
great freedom. Somehow your higher self is always showing you back to perfection
to God's path of gentleness. Being Lost in Love frees me from labor and struggle,
as if I am merged with the Almighty and my life is enjoyment. One of my favorite
quotes from the old days in Raja Yoga is, ¨Follow the Father. Son shows Father as
Father shows Son.¨ So be a Sun and Son.
Like Christ was the Son of God, so each of us has that same right, Children of
the Supreme Sun.

Christ so loved the world that he was willing to die for us.
This is Love in action. Surrender and Devotion to a Higher plan. Peace with no

The Christmas Tree is the symbol of the world family tree with all the major
religions as branches and a Golden and Silver age as a trunk. God is the Seed of
this magical tree and He sent his children Abraham, Christ, Buddha and Mohammad
to show the way home. We are a global family and everyone is your brother and
sister, so why the fighting? Maybe we have forgotten how to Love, maybe we
forgotten who we really are, maybe we forgot what time it is, not too late
yet...but who knows the future.

What was the lesson Christ taught many years ago? The message we hear in church
today. In one word--Love. God so loved the world he send His son to show us the

Maybe we have become so lost in the maze of life and its tricks and turns. Maybe
all the gifts that God is giving us everyday are overlooked and never
appreciated. What are these eternal gifts?

These gifts are our true virtues, qualities and powers and they are only a
thought away. You have them now deep in your soul….Love, Peace, Wisdom, Purity,
Power and Happiness. This is what we were and will become again. So there is Hope
for the Future and we are that Hope.

Just takes time to dive deep into your inner ocean and the Ocean of God's Love.

This is the message of the new born child and the star that guides the 3 Kings.
They came with gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh for a King born in a poorman´s
home. Imagine the Light coming from the Heavens on that day.

If Jesus were to appear to you today as a child, would you not feel the innocence
that is in your heart? Have we forgotten the inner child still cries for love? It
is never too late to have a happy childhood, just rewind the tape and record the
new version of a happy child playing with the angels of God. We all need a brain
washing some time and it is the only way to release the karmic bondages of the
past. Controlled amnesia.

Return to your original nature and be at peace with the world. Don't focus on the
war, your imperfection or the past mistakes, live in the present and receive God's
Presents for you now. He can see your past, present and future and only has the
highest thoughts for you, so do the same for others and yourself.

Look within you and feel the new U coming into being. Who are we really but the
ancestor souls, the roots of the tree connected to the Master Seed who awakens
the World Tree.

These days I have been feeling God's energy on the planet and it is like He is
saying, "OK children it is time to create a shift to unify the world through
music, art and film. My dream has always been to heal my fellow brothers and
sisters with sound, light and color, or wisdom, peace and happiness. When the
sound of wisdom, lights our inner peace then happiness is the result. When you
see how great you are an Awakening occurs and nothing is the same. So let go of
the FEAR and be Great or at least believe you are more than present state of

In this New Year of 2009 and during these special days of the Solstice and
Christmas, listen more to God and your higher self, spend more time being silent
and let the love in your heart heal the world.

When you heal the world, then you are automatically healed and all your dreams
will come true, Return to your senses and become the essence.

Flow like a river of love returning to the Ocean and feel the Magic of being a
Master, a seed of light creating heaven on earth. The Supreme Being, the Light of
the World is with you, so why not share that light with the world. You are
powerful beyond measure. We are the ones the world is waiting for.
Open the Heart and let the Light shine thru.

When we re-connect with the oldest memory of the soul, the state of peace, we can
then re-establish peace in our inner world. This is the start of peace in the
wider world.

Om Shanti, once u were this…becoming Shanti, Peace again.

A Spiritual Christmas and Blessed New Year is my eternal wish for you on this
Solstice Reason 4 Christmas Season.

Much love, peace and blessings,

Lucho L Condor

A meditation 4 World Love...Rise above.

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Comment by Adam Wolter on December 28, 2008 at 12:03pm
Beautiful! Thanks for lighting up this world with your presence.
Your words are so powerful- I feel ready to share my open heart with every being I meet today.
Be Silent- Listen- that's fabulous! Thanks for illuminating some paths back to stillness and wholeness
Keep on Being in LOVE, wonderful creature
Thanks- Adam
Comment by Anna on December 23, 2008 at 7:47pm
Thank you so much for the powerful loving words -not just reminding my heart to be open and stay open but actually re-generating the warm loving spirit experience -love flowing through me - the greatest gift of being human! I forgot for a moment or - 2 or 3 - must be in the right place at the right time again....
Also thank you for the beautiful and inspirational words you posted on my page - I am so happy to have found this place of support and vision and most importantly - love.

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