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A Call for "Unified Prayer" Worldwide Sunday 09.08.13 12pm Wherever You are NOW

“Unified Prayer” Hello all, I don’t know if you have also noticed but there have been a lot of calls for prayer and for uniting in prayer worldwide.

Here are just a few examples:

Neil Donald Walsch

Larry Dossey

Power of Prayer, Holy Water

"Inori:Prayer-Conversation with Something Great"

Water a Malleable Natural Computer on Earth

There are at least a half dozen and probably more severe crisis situations we are looking at worldwide that could use the attention of our prayers. I observed personally when I was in theology school that prayer was probably given less priority in our lives than we give to our general hygiene. I also observed during my university days that “crisis” creates bonds… Why is that we need “crisis” to act on for our own benefit. The most “simple” inner technology that could change everything is literally at the tip of our tongue! I am writing you from Japan, which if you are connected to any news source you are aware of the crisis here, but you should also know that this is not a local issue this effects us all!

This is the impetus for us calling for “Unified Prayer” worldwide as many are feeling the need for at the same time. We are holding a prayer gathering on Sunday 09.08.13 12pm noon here in Japan with ATIH people who have training and experience in meditation and prayer. We will invite other ATIH teachers worldwide to join us with their ATIH people. We also invite people worldwide to join in prayer for “Unified Prayer”. We will offer our prayers with water and then return that water to Mother Earth for healing and peace worldwide.

Every spiritual tradition on Earth has a tradition for prayer and a tradition of using water in those prayers. So we have more in common than we have in difference and if we can unite on that level for peace and healing wherever we are NOW, that can create peace as well as healing locally then united together we can create peace and healing worldwide with blessings of love to the water then give it back to Mother Earth. We can continue to offer prayer together, to give gratitude and love to water often, we can do this so often that we dream and imagine into existence our New Earth. Thank you for considering this request.

See you in the Heart wherever you are NOW. 


“Now is the time we should be living in our highest gratitude even when looking at the most worse possible outcome... Once we overcome that perspective all evil departs from our radiance! Let love shine bright within us all so that no division may separate us from our true love!”

Robert Dakota


PS Please look into your own ancestry and/or traditions and find out what are the most Sacred elements; just for note the 3 most important traditional sacred elements in Japan are #1 Water, #2 Salt, #3 Hemp 

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