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I AM Creation’s Child of the High Light humbly serving as a vessel for the flow of Divine inspiration, channeling truths and reflections that inspire people seeking to remember. My inspirations come forth from echoes in the spirit of my ancestors' of the Stars - Afro – Celtic – American Indian blood lineage. the Elemental realm, the Deva's Spirits Medicine, the Heart of Mother Earth. I feel like it is time to make amends for the hurts and bring awareness to the travesty all Indigenous peoples of this earth have gone through and are still going through today at the hands and ignorance of greed. My intention is to open the minds and hearts of the peeps to make positive change and get back to the Mother and honouring Her ways.

My experience has moved me to stand in a place of "Consciousness in Action" which takes all aspects of the Goddess, her power, courage, passion, and equally important to contribute is her heart-love, beauty and softness in compassion. I honour ALL for your integrity to be in a place of self discovery, clear, honest and real, and I honour your heart who cares to move into"action" to help the children, free of re-action. Blessed Be... for being joyful without attachment to goals, kindness in the midst of passion and finding our vision and initiating action in consciousness.
In the shift we are living today our activism can look and feel very different from the past and the experience can be one of union and success. Turning the wheel of destiny from destruction and ignorance to reverence towards a peaceful healthy, happy MOTHER EARTH and HER CHILDREN.
Blessings of Success to Our mission, It is done… Cher Lyn

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