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Welcome, I am Lamat, keeper of the Stargates. We are here today to look at one way you can expand your consciousness.


The unique aspect of this day, Lamat 2, in the Tzolkin calendar allows each individual to choose one or more of the polarities they would like to focus on, perhaps to change a behavior or to experience something for a short time, instead of going through an entire life experience.


For example, perhaps you find that you gossip too much. You can go into the stargate and experience "not gossip" and gain insight into the behavior you would like to defeat. Perhaps you have never been drunk, but for whatever reason, you would like to experience the feeling of drunkenness and perhaps a hangover, without drinking any alcohol.


It is recommended that you have your Guide remain with you at all times, so that you don't lose your focus or self when you are drunk! At anytime, you can stop the experience and return to your body. What a gift to be able to stop a hangover when you choose!


What is it you wish to know or understand? It is your understanding and belief codes that will limit (or unlimit) your experience today. For some, going through a stargate is a physical activity. They actually walk through and know they are in a different time or place. Some are transported beyond the earthly realms to spaceships or other planets. Some experience nothing. Many experience a feeling of peace or calmness. For most, they receive an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, a deeper understanding surrounding an issue that is important to them. These stargates are always found in nature, generally in areas of spiritual activity, such as ceremonial sites, new and ancient.


Quiet your inner and outer mind. Many times it is difficult to quiet the "mind chatter" and to tune out distractions. Tell your left brain to rest during this time, this will stop the analyzing. Tell your body that you are safe and to set your body at a temperature that is perfectly comfortable so that it is not a distraction. Tell your ears to shut down during this time; do the same for your eyes. Place your body in a position that is comfortable and perfectly balanced.


Close your eyes and visualize a doorway in front of you. As you stand before this doorway, in your mind, clearly state your intention for entering the stargate. Once stated, ask permission of the Gate Keeper to enter. Before entering, ask your Guides to protect you and allow you to have a pleasant and magical experience.


Make the declaration that you will fully return to your body within a certain parameter of time, such as 30 or 45 minutes. You are now ready. Relax and in joy, walk through the doorway.


Allow your mind to wander; notice where you are. More than likely, you will either be at a place where you can experience what you intended, although it may be nothing like what you had thought. You can ask to move to various places to further the experience or gain the knowledge you seek.


The main thing to remember is that to fully experience all that you wish, you must fight any fears that may creep in. Know you are safe, ask your Guide to remain with you and allow the experience.


It may be difficult to return to your body when your time has expired. You may find yourself in a place of unconditional love and wonderful coziness. Know that you can return  to the portal at anytime.


Return gently to your place of origin, allowing yourself to integrate slowly and peacefully. When you are ready to walk, go slowly, for you have expended a lot of energy and may have gone through some physical changes. Be sure to drink many glasses of water for the next 24 hours.


For many, it is difficult to "let go" fully in order to enjoy a stargate experience. Have patience, continue to practice and in time you will understand more fully many of the movies and books that are being produced, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, The Wizard of  Oz, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, for these are experiences the writers and movie makers have had during their quiet times. Be assured that in time, you too will have these out-of-body experiences, as well.


Enjoy your day in joy!  Lamat 2


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Many blessings!              Theresa Crabtree     




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