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Mayan Message Day 27B: Heavenly Theatre: Sharing Experiences with All



Heavenly Theatre: Sharing Experiences with All



Greetings, I am Manik 1. Today we will look at the aspect of Tun 1, “Unity.” Unity is symbolic of becoming one with all, being united and working as a synergistic team. Within your uniqueness, there can still be unity with others. You need not be concerned that you will lose aspects of yourself, for in this new world that you are creating, this is impossible.


What is happening is that you are moving into the awareness that truly you all are created equal. Everything that each of you experiences is unique, yet, you share that experience with the whole.


It is not possible for one entity to experience all there is, unless you spend many lifetimes on every planet in the universe. There is no one entity that wants to experience every possible scenario.


However, what one can do is experience what they choose. For everything else, they can observe what others are doing. It is similar to going to the movies; you choose to view the films that interest you. Yet, this movie theater is really awesome; you can feel what the actors are feeling, you can smell what they smell, etc.


And so, you can have a "taste" (pun intended) of anything you desire without having to live through the whole experience. For example, perhaps a spirit being wants to experience “taste.” Many of his friends have been on earth and talked about ice cream and hot dogs. He is curious, but doesn’t want to experience a full incarnation. So, he goes to the "Heavenly Theatre" and chooses a movie where he can watch and experience ice cream and hot dogs for himself.


Perhaps the movie he chooses has You as the star. The movie begins when you are a child at an amusement park with your family. For lunch, you have hot dogs and french fries. Later that day, you have an ice cream sundae. In the “Heavenly Theatre,” the movie-goer is able to tap whatever senses and experiences he chooses in this movie. This allows him a "taste" of the earthly experience without having to go through a full incarnation.


Know that even if what you are doing is tedious, perhaps someone else will one day experience that tediousness through you in the "Heavenly Theatre." Be assured that this viewing is done without being an invasion of privacy. Those viewing the screen are not interested in you as a person; they are simply watching actors play out scenarios that are of interest to them.


Personally, your day will be most enjoyable if you focus on a positive attitude and choose activities that delight you and feed your passion. This can be achieved even during everyday, mundane activities such as washing dishes. Know that whatever you do affects All in the Uni-verse, for the effects of Unity are much more that what you can possibly imagine.


Be assured that all is well and perfect, and, that you are not alone in this vast space we call Eternity.


Selamet!  Manik 1


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