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At heart, all are One. At heart, a human being is not the slightest bit different from the reptiles, the birds, the former dinosaurs, the elephants, the plants, the trees, the wind, the sky, the microbes. Apart from their function in cond...itionality, all beings are the same. Human beings are not uniquely to be Saved. All beings, even all of conditional manifestation, is the Sphere of My Work. I do not make the slightest jot of distinction between a human being and any other form or appearance. There is none to be made.
Appearing before you in human Form, I Play with you in human terms. But My Work, moment by moment, altogether, encompasses All—not only all human beings, not only all beings, but everything. I am in conversation with all beings and things. It's not that only human beings are full of "soul" and everything else should be chopped up and eaten for lunch! If you examine beings other than the human, feel them, are sensitive to them, enter directly into relationship with them, you discover that they are the same—and not just the somewhat bigger ones, like my parrots, but the mosquitoes, too, which you swat as if they were nothing. At heart, human beings are manifesting a potential that is in all and that is inherent in conditional existence itself. Whether this potential is exhibited or not, whether it is made human or not, makes no difference whatsoever to the Divine Self-Condition. All is One. All are the same. All equally require Divine Compassion, Love, and Blessing, the thread of Communion with the Divine made certain and true and directly experienced. All. Therefore, the Sphere of My Work is all beings and things. Literally it is so. This is literally how I Work. I cannot size up one being or thing against another—the devotee against the non-devotee, the human against the non-human, the Earth against some other place. I cannot do that. I am Doing a universal Work. I Am here to receive, and kiss, and embrace everyone, everything—everything that appears, everything that is

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