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Tena Koe Dear Whanau of this World and Beyond!

Yes ... it has been a while since I visited ...

however ... everything Is in Perfect timing!

Just popped in to share the most recent

Channeling received through Our

'Stargate Portal' here in Aotearoa NZ

which Portal sits on a huge Lemurian

Crystal and on the Ley Lines

that go directly from here

 thru to Uluru, and

 on to Egypt.



Message from 'The Grand Central Sun' - Te Ra
received through 'Our Portal' ...
"Very soon Your World will turn around
because You have brought it
to this point in time ...
Each, word, each thought is set in stone ...

for never has there been such passion

and intent ... focused on this era!
May Your Hearts be set with Pure Intent ...
to be conducive with the Vibration Frequency
that Earth Mother is attuning Herself to ...
For She also Is Ascending into Her Celestial Realm
And So Be It
Dear Ones
For It is So!"

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