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"Pleiadian Emmisary' Arlia's Message of Light''

At Our 'Stargate Portal' 1 June ~ "Arlia Pleiadian Emissary of Light" graced Our "Circle of Love" New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Gathering last night ~ 'Her slim tall Golden Emanating Presence' was seen by a young woman of Native American Ancestry; Who was also part of Our 'Circle of Love!'   She said that of All her wonderful time spent in this Country; what she saw and felt, was the most Spiritual experience She's had here!
"Arlia  ~ Pleiadian Emissary of Light' came through in a channeling and gave Us All in Our 'Circle of Love' ~ 'An Ancient Message and yet a new one' She said that from this time forward because of the Powerful Rays of Light entering the Planet and especially with Us Anchoring the Light at a very active 'Stargate Portal';  'that more Synchronism will happen in Our lives; 'that Our other Senses will be manifesting';  'that Our DNA is activated to fulfill the Mission that each of Us have been sent here to do';and 'that Our bodies will react in quickening motions, including goosebumps; more now than ever before; as Our memory of Our Divinity comes to the fore' and also "that Divine Intervention is most certainly in Action' and 'to surround Ourselves with 'The Golden Circle' that They gifted Us at one of Their last visits; to help Us Raise and Keep Our Vibrations High!' Such a very deep and Spiritually moving experience had by many in Our 'Circle of Love';  which was full of many Nationalities!  Blessings to Greg who although we brought a seat out for him to join Us (as he was on crutches).. he stayed and endured the cold and joined in the spirit and beautiful message, karakia 'prayer' of aroha 'love' sent out from Our Stargate Portal to Our Whanau 'Families' near and Worldwide; and to Papatuanuku 'Grand Mother Earth', and All Creation Above Us; Upon Our Planet and also to the rest of Our Family living below in The Center of the Earth!  Several of those in Our Circle felt and heard footsteps around Them and We knew that as usual, many of Our Cosmic Family Glorious Beings assisting Us in Our Ascension were also present!
Thus, the last sharing was given by a Dear SiStar; wherein she encouraged Us to write on a piece of paper Our Dream  and how We see ourselves in future; to light a candle and see what messages we receive over this time of 'Solar Eclipses which begun last night, and will continue through to July!
After that was shared, as per usual; We heard the shrill of a Bird,
'Whom We know are Our messengers of what is happening in the Ethers'; which has always been the signal at Our 'Stargate Portal'; that the Portal is closed and that Our Divine Ones visiting ... had now gone!    So once the bird sounded; We hugged each other and were joyed in Our Hearts to be part of many of Our Soul Brothers and Sisters anchoring in the Light and just Being a part of this Wonderful 'Ascension Plan of The Heavens'!
Mihi Aroha to All Our Divine Spirit Helpers, Guides and Beings Great and Small
And to the Divine Absolute Supreme Creator Source of All That Is ... 'Aio'
Mihi Aroha ... Mihi Aroha ... Mihi Aroha!

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