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We're currently entering quite a powerful window of opportunity.
This (8/14/09- 8/17/09) is an incredible time to attune, using some specific moments to help our community and our planet welcome the higher vibrations we are currently being invited to participate in and create with.
The first times astrology really made my jaw drop were when I started watching the daily rhythms closely. The friend and teacher who helped to spark my interest printed pages for me that had the rising, culminating, setting, and nadiring times of all the planets on them. I made a practice of keeping one in my pocket, and looked at it when something interesting happened. The two planets who kept coming up pretty regularly were Mercury and Mars. When Mercury crossed one of the angles (rising, culminating...) phones would start ringing, and people around me would suddenly jump into conversation simultaneously. Mercury goes around the Sun four times every year. His other name is Hermes- messenger of the "gods." Another planet who showed up pretty regularly was Mars. Whenever I stubbed my toe, accidentally sliced my finger, or burned myself, I would look at my little page, and notice that Mars was angular. Mars is the "god" of war and competition. The planet is a rich red from all of the oxidized iron- just like our blood, and like many instruments of war we've designed to spill blood. These experiences helped me to see how interesting and relevant the participation of planetary influences really can be. I continue to carry these sheets in my pocket daily, and have designed my own formats to help make the process easier. While I initially used these sheets to prove the validity of astrology to myself, I now use them more frequently to align the timing of my own actions and prayers with the Cosmos- with wonderful results!
The four day window we are approaching (8/14-17) is an incredible time to attune to the angular times of four specific bodies- the Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. The Sun will be opposite to Jupiter on the 14th, Chiron on the 16th, and Neptune on the 17th, but the angular times of all four bodies will be filled with charge during all four days. I'm focusing on these four days in particular because the Sun's light helps to illuminate whatever it touches. The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune has been on center stage since mid-May, and will continue to be so until around Christmas of 2009. These three bodies together in the sign Aquarius are transiting a very significant place in the Zodiac. Twenty-five degrees (and fifty-two minutes) Aquarius is the place where the planet Neptune was first discovered on the Fall Equinox of 1846. Neptune is the planet furthest from the Sun*, and this is its first birthday (for humans, that is). Neptune is the third largest planet, and carves a perfect circle that marks the boundary of our solar system, and what we collectively accept as possible. Neptune's three exact passes of its discovery degree were 4/11/09, 7/17/09, and the final pass will be on 2/7/2010 (you can read more in a wonderful piece by Martin Bulgerin on my website ( entitled "Happy Birthday Neptune!").
Try tuning in during sunrise, "true" noon, sunset, and "true" midnight (if you'd like all of the times for your location, feel free to drop me a line). Use these times to welcome higher possibilities. See what you notice in your body, and in the world around you. Get creative and original, but first and foremost, get grateful! The Sun is the source of life, and its center is also your heart's center (it ain't just a burning ball of gas!). Jupiter is about joy, and is the heart energy for community (it's almost big enough to be a star, too!). Jupiter is the glue that helps us feel part of a meaningful collective, and to find compassion for our larger family. Chiron brings us initiations into more holistic understandings of our stories- with a particular bent for finding our gifts in our woundings. Neptune asks us to transcend our finite selves, and to experience spiritual love and unity with a greater whole. Neptune also presides over victimhood, addictions,escapism and lies. This triple conjunction in Aquarius calls us to question the stories we've spun about our collective trances, and to invite higher versions of these myths that can help us create a more peaceful, sustainable future.
Try tuning in during the times listed, and play with some new stories that serve the highest in you. These planetary events are inviting us to participate in shifting what we collectively understand the world to be (and it sure is shifting!). Please take some time to empower the richness and deep significance of your life experience and work on planet Earth, and imagine the possibilities!
Thanks for taking the time.
Love, Light, Gratitude- Adam

P.S. Write down your dreams in the mornings- they're important!

*Pluto is still very important, too- but it's about 1/5th the mass of our Moon, and mediates between deep space and our planetary system (most of its orbit is outside of Neptune's, but about 20 years of every 248 year cycle fall inside of it)

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