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The Taurus Solar Eclipse: The Entrance of Abundance

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The Taurus Solar Eclipse: The Entrance of Abundance
by Astrologer Salvador Russo

We have another eclipse coming up on May 10th. It's a Solar eclipse, happening at the 19th degree of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for that degree of the Zodiac refers to a "New continent, rising out of the ocean". Make of that what you will; here's what astrologer, Salvador Russo has to say about it:

The Taurus Solar Eclipse: The Entrance of Abundance
by Astrologer Salvador Russo

On May `10th a gateway of abundance will open for the world as the sun is darkened by the moon for a brief moment in time. Wealth will return to our lives in the ways that we most need throughout this eclipse cycle which culminates with the Taurus Full Moon on November 17th of this year. God will ensure that our every need is met with a level of generosity that could only come from Him.

35 Promises
Expect the following things to manifest throughout this mighty eclipse cycle: tremendous material gains, rapid construction of all shapes and sizes, the elimination of austerity, the expansion of earning ability, surges in the production and output of value, forms of sustenance returned, boons in personal health, the sustainable growth of noble work, access to shared wealth and revenue, transformations connected to finance, objects of extreme value, plant and mineral abundance, reconstruction of dilapidated things, long needed purchases, the discovery of hidden talent, the profitable expression of personal ability, the rebuilding of communities, great distributions of wealth, infrastructure enhancements, urban renewal projects, great debt recovery or relief, revelations that change lives, favorable transitions in residence, upgrades in quality of material possessions, economic strengthening, wealth-oriented geological discoveries, promotions in social standing and profession, dramatic changes in currency markets, the planting of seeds of promise, transformational boosts of self-esteem, favorable adjustments to social values, new commercial growth, great recoveries of stolen wealth, enlightening ventures into the mineral kingdom, and the spiritual development of endurance, generosity, and patience.

Divine Expectations
As this cycle of wealth, strength, and healing unfolds we are expected to improve upon our lives in the most spiritually valuable ways. What does this mean? This means using wealth to recover lives, to be of greater service to the world, to address matters which have obstructed spiritual growth, and to work together with one another to raise society and our future in the wisest and most lasting ways possible. Taurus goes the distance by its own nature. Let us all ensure that we use this eclipse energy so that our lives also travel great distances.

Scorpio Catalyzed
As this eclipse will occur in opposition to the House of Scorpio there will be catalytic changes across all spectrum of life that enable direly needed transformations to occur. Expect life to change drastically and for the better through the weeks and months that carry this eclipse wave. We are wise to recognize new influxes of wealth, opportunity, and creative energy that is all oriented toward newfound life stability, the creation of wealth, the dissipation of forms of poverty, and regrowth in our lives in the areas most needed.

New Earth Wealth
Adjustment of worldly wealth will now occur so that what one owns or is able to earn will more justly reflect their spiritual constitution, for better or worse. In the New Earth worldly wealth will reflect spiritual wealth and as time passes this truth will become evident. With this known those who wish to enjoy prosperity should work to develop the spiritual virtues which are so esteemed by our Creator. In Taurus they are patience, kindness, perseverance, generosity, sensibility, dependability, and steadfastness. These virtues are the Keys of the House so use them to open doors in your life as these months unfold. These doors will lead you to wealth.

We must change our values to reflect the world which emerges. A great downfall of Taurus is that we can fixate on things which we have become accustomed to. This can lead one to ruin or shame in a world and in times which are changing so quickly. This brings us back to value. What is now truly valuable in our lives? What has lost its value and should be transmuted into that which has value? How do I measure loss and how do I measure gain? These are all important questions to contemplate beneath and beyond the first solar eclipse of our Golden Age. As a guiding principle remember this: if something has true value it will, by its own nature, create more value.

The Bull
There are many legends and myths throughout recorded history that associate Taurus with the bull. Why is this so prevalent one may wonder? Isn’t the bull symbolic of value in the ancient world? How many crop yields were credited to the bull working its plough? How many people ate because of the bull and its labor? How many were sheltered because of the wealth it helped to produce? The bull is a symbol of productive wealth, a process that belongs to the very heart of Taurus. This is why the bull came to be worshipped, in vain of course. In every horoscope we will find Taurus and at the 19th degree one will see where the cosmic time has come to produce great wealth, the very same degree of this next solar eclipse.

The grass will grow greener, our harvests ever sweeter, it’s time to work as bulls ourselves, no credit to Demeter. I’ve said it once before, the ruby brings it home, this gem will bring you wealth profound while fires burn in Rome. Some heroes work in silence, ever steady on toward triumph, they persevere against all shade, ever pleasing toward his Highness. A golden soul will grant you gold but wisdom’s worth has been foretold. In my own life I’ve lived it so, traded gold to write so bold. With words of wealth I smile to you, the bearer of this cosmic news. I’ll never stop, I promise you, my part to play as Earth renews. Some seeds are born of other worlds, sent to Earth and grown as pearls. These seeds of stars are bearing fruit, bringing Light and sharing truth. I mix my words in old mythology, my starseed planted in my astrology.

You can depend on me,
Astrologer Salvador Russo

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