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Radiation from Nuclear Dump Threatens Navajo/Hopi Water

We Like our Water Uranium Free


Tuba City Nuclear Waste Dump/Uranium Mine
Seeping Radiation and it's headed for Hopi Water:


Harm to Native Peoples from Uranium Mining (Sierra Club Environmental Group)
"… uranium contamination that has leeched into the sole-source of drinking water... A plume of uranium contamination… is now less than half a mile from the villages. This plume is now within 2,000 yards of wells and spring-fed drinking water for Upper/Lower Moenkopi Hopi Villages"


"Radioactive Uranium leaks are getting closer to... drinking water for two villages in the Hopi reservation"


Water in 22 Navajo Communities Unsafe


"Hopi Tribal Council Bans Environmental Groups" Nov 29, 2009


SAVE Hopi Water
STOP the Hopi Tribal Council’s "Environmental Groups’ Ban"


In 2009 the Hopi Tribal Council voted & passed an "Environmental Groups’ Ban" Bill. Today in 2012 this Bill still legally prohibits and blocks Environmentalist such as the Sierra Club and NRDC from stepping foot at Hopi and helping Save Hopi Water.

3 Years of NO Environmental Monitoring of Hopi Water


Good Environmentalist (there are bad ones) with scientist and lawyers help Save Hopi Water. Examples of Environmentalist helping Save Hopi Water are:

1. Environmentalist exposed the Office of Mines hiding contamination evidence of Hopi Water aquifer reservoirs.
2. Environmentalist exposed the Tuba City Uranium waste dump seeping Radioactive Nuclear waste into Hopi Water.
3. Environmentalist from 1996-2009 helped the Hopi file still unfinished Lawsuits
4. $ Millions waits in unfinished Lawsuits! Environmental Lawyers need to finish the Lawsuits. Stop the Ban!
5. Environmentalist exposed that Hopi Water aquifer reservoir levels are dropping.


Environmentalist can’t help Save Hopi Water until the Hopi Tribal Council's Environmental Group Ban is STOPPED!


Supporting Links:
Hopi/Navajo Water Radioactive - Nuclear waste from Uranium dump links:

Imagine your village’s water supply was about to be contaminated by nuclear waste from a nearby dump and the federal government simply offered to put a fence around it. If you were the Hopi Nation, you’d sue...

Hopi Tribe suing BIA over dump clean-up
…(USGS) geologists concluded that strong winds carried dust to the landfill from abandoned uranium mines 30 miles away… Puhuyesva scoffs at the theory…

Hopi Villages Threatened by Uranium Plume by S.J. Wilson


Hopi Tribal Council Blocks Hopi from getting $ Millions in Damages links:

The Fight Over the Water Beneath Black Mesa by Kathy Helms
Should the tribes be successful, this would bring to the tribes $600 million..."Then there is another lawsuit, the RICO case, which would bring in three times that amount.

Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuits

Background of the Little Colorado River litigation CIV No. 6417

Geopolitics of the Navajo-Hopi 'Land Dispute' by John Redhouse CIV No. 6417


Hopi Water Contamination and Dropping Level links:
The Fight Over the Water Beneath Black Mesa

Drawdown: An Update on Groundwater Mining on Black Mesa
National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Environmental Group


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