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It's hard to believe we are such a selfish people. We Americans. We deny each other so much by convincing ourselves that social Darwinism is a good thing as John Spencer would think it was. Again, it looks like Health care will not pass. It's almost unbelievable that it won't happen again. I try to come to terms with it by remembering what I have been told in the Puritan American work ethic. But now, it just pure profit and exploitation on the backs of the sick and the dying. It's morally repugnant like advertising for hospitals or nursing homes or funeral parlors. I mean nobody would stoop so .....oops...I'm sorry the things do occur. Lets get back on track. Everyone is concerned that these Insurance and Pharmaceutical Corporation don't get out priced by a big government program that will cover everyone regardless of a "pre-existing condition." Yeah, we should makes sure that the ones who effectively "broke" our health care system by using a free market strategy to increase profit and limit care, shouldn't lose their broken-cash cow. Yeah, they should keep their billions. Oh and it's billions and it's more money than they care to let go of. You know, money is more important to these folks than life. We can come to terms with that yet we're scared to change our system? I just don't get it. 20,000 people on average die a year because of no access to health care. These lives are not worth it? There lives out weigh the costs to help them or save them? Money is more important than people's lives...oh....on Insurance and Pharmacy spread sheets, it is. I'm sorry, I keep forgetting that. Profit more important than people thing. Right, I got it again, I'm sorry to get off track. Of course, human history has used enslavement and extermination for profit and gain. I forget about the Romans, Chinese Dynasties, Columbus starting the slave trade in America, WALL Street was built by slaves, concentration camps, child labor, Banana farming, endangered servitude, mandatory minimums to keep corporate prisons full of tax dollar paying convicts, right to work states, no worker rights, I mean, I'm sorry I forgot. OK? The world is run by one million evil men, ten million complicit men, and the rest of us who just get herded along because we're to apathetic to give a shit. (By the way this comes from a great book called Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts!)

I forgot that we are Americans. But isn't time we did give at least a sizable turd?

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