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From all my travels I have been writing and dating my rawest feelings in those experiences to be able to recall those experiences and see what if anything I have learned along the way. Returning to my art brings me full circle and back to center....
In~Joy the Holy Dayz
Here is the text from the originals....
Nagoya 09.08.05
By train
Mother (Earth)
Thank you
For your Strength
Thank you for the gift
To call upon your name
We bathe in
Your elegance
We swim in your
Oceans of Joy
Call upon her
Elate in Her
BE Re-born
-Robert Dakota
Nagoya 09.08.05
By train
Do You Remember?
Where is your sky?
Where is your land?
Where is your heart?
How Long will this Stand?
Remember your Voice!
Remember your Heart!
Re-member Your Power!
Re-member how to Stand!
They give you Weakness
In Exchange
For your Strength?
Hmmmm….. Ommmm…..
-Robert Dakota
Takayama-Ise-Nagoya, Japan 09.08.05
by train
The blinding energetic
Sublime creature
Devouring souls
The illusion of
Amounting to Nothing
Implementing gravities
Thwarting humanities
With daggers, and poisons of hate, fear, anger, lack, insecurities, jealousies,
and delusions of all sorts.
Guard your
By permission
Is the only way
The creature can consume your will.
- Robert Dakota

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