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Philosophers Stone - Merlin channelling

Merlin Channelled by Whitefeather 28/07/09

The Philosophers Stone
Greetings Dear Ones, I come to speak regarding the Philosophers Stone, that elusive piece of the jigsaw of life. I have explained both magick and alchemy to you in recent moons (months), magick being the direction and use of energy and alchemy being the transformation of one thing into another. Both magick and alchemy work hand in hand, but still so many of you struggle with this concept and this is where the Philosophers Stone comes in.
No, it is not a physical object, you will not find it on some beach, hidden in a cave or in a market place (shop). This elusive ‘stone’ is not a stone at all, although it is a foundation piece necessary for magick and alchemy, for without it, you cannot perform true magick or create alchemy and transformation.
I am talking about correct attitude, perceptions, acknowledging the need for transformation, the need for change and then having the will power to affect it.

Many of you clearly acknowledge the need for change and transformation n your lives and on the Earth Mother at this time, but lack the will power, faith, belief in the self, that can affect these needs. You are your own Master Magicians, Sages, Crones, Wise Ones, yet are failing to grow into yourselves. All this is purely a state of mind, of consciousness.
If you are reading this, you are probably already a light worker, or are at least open to the World of Spirit, which is really all part of your own world, just unrecognised and unacknowledged by some. So, if you are aware of the Spirit realms, why then are most of you not acknowledging us ? Not communicating with us ? As my companion Whitefeather and many, many others are already doing ? You are no different to they, you are spirits in human form too, a spiritual being. Yet you walk around with your senses closed, your eyes shut, your ears blocked, your heart closed tight, you do not allow yourselves to taste the sweetness of life or touch the beauty of the world in all its glory. You do not perceive all that is around you, therefore you do realise the potential for working magick and achieving alchemy.
You an the Earth Mother are moving through chaotic times, but they are only chaotic because you fight change. The Earth Mother has churned and rolled and spat and overturned Herself so many times over the millenia, and She is doing so again now, andthere is still much Earth movements to occur, but it is a natural process of alchemy and transformation. You cannot fight it or change it, but you can perceive its coming and prepare yourselves by creating the correct state of mind. This state of mind is about belief in yourself, it is about trusting your connection to all that is. It is the innate belief in something larger than yourself of which you are all a part. All that is within your world is within you. All that you perceive to be outside your world, is also within you. Yess, it is, and you must learn to trust this and believe in this without always wanting proof.
The need for proof comes from your concrete world of bricks and mortar, of materialism, but how fragile that mortar is because over time, with the weight of your world upon it, or when the Earth mother moves, it crumbles and breaks and your foundations are destroyed, the very things you cling to are breaking down. Is this no so in your material world today ?
Yet Mother Earth has cracked and broken many times over Her lifetime, and will do so again, but because of Her fluidity, Her ability to reshape and reform, Her ability to flow with the changes, She is still her, still vital and alive, whilst your ruins and desolate cities are testament to the true lack of stability of your material ways. Your structures continue to come and go over eons, the Earth Mother continues.
The bricks and stones and concrete of you world is not your philosophers stone, it does not make your cities paved with gold, it cannot bring you the things you desire in your hearts. Yet, a change in your perception can.
Perception is your Philosophers Stone my dear ones, and you all have it inside yourselves, yet you seek it elsewhere. Century after century humankind has tried to use magick to create alchemy, to search highlands and lowlands, hidden texts and sacred lands for the elusive stone that would make life perfect.

The root of perfect is in perception as per your perfidy of all that is. (grins)

So, to learn to understand how to perform magick and alchemy you must learn to use your own senses in order to transform your perceptions. Yes ?
Only you can change your own perceptions, there is no magical casting that will do this for you. It is purely the power of your own minds. You can allow your minds to tell you that you are not meant to overcome an obstacle, to be rich, to find love, to be happy. And if this is what your mind is telling you, then you will believe it and it will be so. It is a simple step my friends, to tell yourselves that you can rise above any challenge, that you are happy in the now, that you are loved and appreciated, that you have abundance at your finger tips. What you tell yourself is what you will believe and is what will be.
You must change your perceptions of yourself. No magick stone, Seer, Sage or Master Magician can do this for you. You are your own master Magician so use your own energy to create the world you wish for, for yourself and for others.

I have chosen to come today because there is a movement on your Earth Mother that pleases me much. It is called Fire the Grid and the light workers of your Earth will be meditating and creating alchemy with their combined thoughts over the next Sun Moon cycle (24hrs) in a collective effort to transmute the negative energies of the human race into a positive magical experience for all. I would urge you all to join the collective consciousness of this event and to add your own energies to it. Work with lit candles and the sacred violet flame to change your own mindset. Those that are already light workers will be working to transmute the energy levels of the Earth Mother, but those of you still stuck in negative patterns of your material world, must work to transmute your own energies and perceptions of your own life experiences at this time. This is not a selfish move, but one that is very necessary to raise the vibrations within and around you. Remember, you are a part of the whole, a divine, cosmic being and your personal (he emphasised per) work to transmute your own state of mind is the first step in working to create the world of peace and harmony that you all seek. It is not selfish to work on yourself at this time, it is most pertinent that you do so.
Transmute your life and the world around you by acknowledging your own perceptions and working to transmute them.
Become the Master Magician that you are, for you each hold the Philosophers Stone inside yourselves.
My Blessings Dear Ones. Merlin.

(the words in brackets are mine - Whitefeather. I did not know the word ‘perfidy’ but when looking it in in the dictionary it apparently means breach of faith !!)

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Comment by Michele Walters on July 29, 2009 at 2:54am
Thank you Whitefeather, Thank you Merlin.

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