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Meiji Jingu is one of my favorite places to visit when I go to Tokyo, Japan. I have always had a great affection for this place. Especially the tradition of going to offer prayers on New Years, where 100's of thousands of people attend ceremonies and shrines and offer prayers for the coming year. I have attended New Year pilgrimage's with upwards of 60,000 people in one que which takes a couple of hours to finally reach the place to offer prayers.

Meiji Jingu New Year's Eve

One of the observations and appreciations I have for Japanese culture, is their inner connectedness still, to the sacred, the ancient, and their ancestors. Devotion and dedication to prayer is still a part of the people. It is so interesting for me to participate in prayer especially collectively in person in the flesh with 60,000 other people.

This is another favorite of mine Sensoji to visit New Year's Day, Yeh! I love this energy!

It feels like it gives power to the prayers. I know everyone is not offering or asking for the same things, but the intent of the heart comes through anyway. That's "power"; the shared collective intent of the heart. I find that fascinating and what I love about the Japanese - Yapanesia culture, they have big heart and deep soul. Like US, they too have a view of very tough times in our near immediate future, but unlike US, they BE calm and find ways to cope and bring dignity to circumstance...

Sensoji New Years Day

It's my perception of course as an observer, but I love these customs that integrate water, ceremony, and prayer. Ingredients that changes perception, that then changes reality... That's what I witness when I participate in the activity of conscious prayer. I see it in customs across the globe which tells me it is a common theme, which informs me of a common truth. Universal in nature.

Sensoji New Years Day

Here is a tribute to the feminine created on Mothers Day for the feminine energy of not only my Mom but Mother's everywhere including our Mother Earth; which is why we refer to her as our mother: She puts up with all of our non-sense and loves us for who we are even if it will cost her, her own life. Our happiness in being who we are, and love to BE is the happiness and joy of a Mother to her child. When I saw this exhibition at Meiji Jingu honoring a female and feminine energy on the 100 year anniversary of her passing, I wanted to share the unique insight of Japanese culture. I do not know if their is a true authentic appreciation for this Empress but she is still today an effective contributor to women in the modern world.

Also I am taken by the fact that Japan and the US have had an ongoing culture exchange for over 120 years whatever form it has taken. The Empress was fond of the American Benjamin Franklyn and integrated some of his personal philosophies, even I wasn't aware of these philosophies of Franklyn's until I saw this exhibition. So a tribute to the feminine everywhere past, present, future, within US all.

The music is by a friend A-sha Freedoms who is an amazing musician.

"Step into the Light" from her album Plumeria.

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