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It wasn’t until a year after my miscarriage that my grandfather Albert showed up yet again to provide further insight into my miscarriage – which was another “lesson” for Sig and I to learn together in this lifetime.

The pain of experiencing the loss of a child was a “reverse” lesson for Sig and I, as we left our children without parents in our previous lifetimes with each other – when we agreed to leave each other widowed. I guess you could say it was sort of a “package deal” we had together – a series of
lifetimes/lessons we had to experience and master for our own spiritual growth. It has now been over a year since the miscarriage and I must say – through a lot of tears, power-work outs and intensive and effective DNA healing – I am feeling healed and emotionally and physically stronger than ever.

DNA healing not only allowed me to clear up lifetimes of pain and trauma. It also allowed me to shed any lingering anger or resentment towards Sig and any hurt/trauma from the loss of loved ones spanning these many lifetimes we have incarnated together. This healing has been most effective and something that I am in the process of encouraging my friends, loved ones and anyone reading this to try as a way of healing any core beliefs/fears that need changing on a family/ancestoral level, history level and/or DNA level that may be blocking one’s passages to happiness and a good life. These fears or beliefs may not even be apparent –as many times they are buried deep inside the
sub-conscious and triggered by certain events. However, the beauty of DNA healing is that when we go inside the client -the trauma can be removed and healed without a client ever having to reopen the wound -As the creator shows us the snippets of “movies” or “lifetimes” where different traumas or events occurred, and where the cleaning up needs to take place.

As healers, we are not doing the healing ourselves.. it is only our connection to spirit that allows us to make this connection to the creator – who is the healer. We are just the conduit –the “witness” to the healing by connecting the patient to the creator – that is all. The healing shown to me personally as a healer varies depending on the patient and their illness. For example, I may see strands of DNA – that is double-helix shaped being swirled and changed – or I may see actual things from this person’s past- it just depends on the individual person and what’s going on.

On the other spectrum, what the patient experiences during a DNA healing varies from individual to individual depending on their own level of connectivity. Some experience/feel the DNA being changed - while others, particularly those less spiritual may not feel or connect to anything happening and the changes may feel less "intensified" for the healer. However, most people coming for DNA healing are open to spirit and do feel the changes being made.

I wish I had accessed DNA therapy years ago as Regression work can be painful and traumatic for people to re-open a wound and sessions only deal with one particular lifetime at a time, whereas DNA allows access to a patient’s Ashkashic Records spanning and healing many “snippets’ of lifetimes where needed - cleared up and healing many things in one setting – without having to re-live or re-visit that lifetime.
However, please note that 50 percent of healing is the “will” of the patient – and although I personally feel healed and have helped Sig and others heal – the other 50% has to be the
person wanting to heal themselves.

DNA healing is not new.. It has been around for thousands of years, it is talked about in several ancient texts like the Zohar used in Kabballah and was originally used during our days in Atlantis. Now that our DNA is being changed with the shift, these old ways of healing from Ancient
Roman/Greek and Eygptian lifetimes are being resurrected and returned to us..
The switch is back on.. now its up for people seeking therapy that works to
discover it and try it.

For more on this story of using DNA to heal.. See my blog on BLUE LIGHTS OVER NORWAY.

While self-healing is a “never-ending” journey – I am often asked if Sig and I will ever fully heal and/or be fully together with a child. The only reply I can say is this mural below on Fairfax near Rosewood that appeared to me yesterday of a pilot’s cockpit on a WHITE BUFFALO that says “TIME’LL TELL.”

The answer simply is – yes. The White Buffalo is a miracle – and anything is truly possible when we create miracles for ourselves through our own faith/connection to creator by connecting to our hearts. (SEE PIC #7 BELOW)

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