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Navajo/Hopi Water Bill S2109 - Women Leaders Needed

While reading the Navajo/Hopi Water Bill S2109 text (157 pages), I realized that simply stopping S2109 and letting things continue on at Hopi as they have been since 2009 isn't enough. “Traditionalist” Hopi oppose S2109. “Non-Traditionalist” Hopi (who control the Hopi Tribal Council) passed S2109 and Banned Environmental Groups from helping Hopi.

Using Navajo/Hopi tax money the “Non-Traditionalist” Navajo/Hopi Tribal Councils hired a private Washington DC lobbying firm to persuade the US Senate to pass S2109! While we sign petitions to persuade the US Senate to not-pass S2109. I say we need to do more!

 (Navajo/Hopi Tribal Councils) “hired Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck to work for passage of the increasingly controversial bill sponsored by US Sen. Jon Kyl” (and John McCain)


I say we need groups of Women Leaders to help communities replace corrupt politicians that are destroying our planet. Replacing corrupt politicians is what the Navajo/Hopi are doing right now. They are removing the Navajo/Hopi Tribal Councilors that passed S2109. They need help.

I realized this is a critical period. Earth is going through a transition from male to female leadership. We need Women Leaders and teams with both, to work on projects. Projects such as:


Clean the Uranium Mine’s Radiation Plume headed for Hopi Water

A Radiation Plume from a Nuclear waste dump is 2,000 yards away from the Hopi Moenkopi Village's water supply. In a few years if it gets to Moenkopi, they will lose their water and maybe forced to relocate. Some may already be dying of increased cancer from the radiation.

What happens at Hopi happens to the whole world… If the Radiation Plume reaches Moenkopi, then maybe a parallel percentage of the World’s water will become radioactive. Maybe an earthquake will spill the rods at Japan’s Reactor #4? (very vulnerable to an earthquake)  Maybe Californians and others will be forced to relocate because of earthquakes.

The nuclear contamination from the Japan 2011 earthquake maybe a result of Environmental Groups being banned from Hopi in 2009. Environmental Groups publicized this Radiation Plume in 2009. We did nothing. Thus in 2011 the Japan Earthquake released a parallel amount of radiation into the World. Just as much Radiation at the Moenkopi Village from the Nuclear dump.

Earth will not be “destroyed” all at once in a big surprise. The Water and Radiation problems at Hopi have been publicized since 2009! What happens at Hopi happens to the whole world... We can fix it. Or do nothing. If we do nothing, in a few years the Radiation Plume will hit Moenkopi water. We will watch the Earth and Hopi parallel each other. By fixing problems at Hopi, maybe global catastrophes can be averted.

Why Women Leaders? Women Leaders helping from outside Hopi will “resonate” with Hopi Women Leaders inside Hopi. This Female Leadership “resonation” can quickly create the needed community wide political changes. Only groups of Women Leaders at this point can quickly, and radically take charge and change the slow moving “off course” politics of the elder male leaders of today. Younger male leaders will only be met with elder male dominance. Groups of Women Leaders are needed. Large scale projects to restore water levels and clean up the Radiation at Hopi will be instituted with “female urgency". To the Feminine, children drinking even slightly radioactive water is flat out unacceptable and priority #1 to fix on the political “to do list” ($3.6 million for high speed internet, $0.00 for Radiation clean up, in the Hopi 2010 budget). Elder male leaders will step aside or perish when confronted by this possible worldwide wave of “female urgency” to clean up Earth’s environment (Occupy Earth?). Other males hopefully will support and encourage these new Women leaders and work on the teams.

1,200+ year old Tibetan and Hopi prophecies say that the Dharma will help Hopi in these times. The Dharma will help these Women Leaders. I hope nearby Tibetan monasteries will connect with and visit Hopi. The challenge is to find Women Leaders who know how to -  Not spread themselves too thin; Find & mentor other women leaders; Form teams to get projects done; Work out team member conflicts; Balance themselves – work, play, health; Plan, strategize and communicate; Women support women; Cooperate; Get along…

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