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My Time Travel Journey with Chang to the 08-08-08 Infinity Crop Circle... and Its Meaning..

It was a typical fall night in October, 2007. My spirit guide, Chang from the Qing Dynasty - woke me up and took me in the middle of the night at around 3am inside the center of a crop circle. Even though I had never studied crop circles before, I knew immediately what I was seeing. It was a perfect round circle and looked like a “typical” crop circle to me, yet when I stepped inside, I was transformed into another portal.. another dimension.. somewhere 7-`10 years into the future… Looking around, this place looked like earth.. the cars were smaller and the buildings were older and it looked like possibly a child with me. Also, I saw small narrow winding roads that resembled somewhere in Europe -though i was not sure where. I interpreted it to be “my life” or some point in time in the future. So I turned and asked Chang “Where are we?” and he said: “What people see is just a crop circle.. but to you or to me.. it's more.. it’s a portal to another dimension and it’s called Infinity.” Scared and somewhat shocked, the next day I started researching crop circles (something i knew nothing about) and called up Jeff Wilson, the Director and co-founder of ICCRA, The Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association. While Jeff was receptive to hearing my story, he explained to me that he had no discovery of a crop circle called Infinity or of the meaning of my story- but mentioned that he received callers like me every year relaying a vision or sighting to him. To my surprise, I would find out 10 months later that a crop circle called “INFINITY” formed in England on August 8, 2008!!!! yes –that’s 8-8-08. Not only is that the day it formed, but astrologically - the number "8" meant something to me personally as astrologically - "8" is my life cycle path number -marking my purpose in this lifetime. As I soon learned, it was also a very important number to many different cultures For exampe, to the Chinese it is reflective in their Iching –which is 64 and divisible by 8. My vision had come to fruition though I was not made aware of this until February of 09, 2009 when I attended a channeling session with Selacia, a well known DNA intuitive healer in Santa Monica who heals through her Council of 12. It was there, that I met Francis, who studied crop circles who led me to the discovery of the Infinity Crop Circle I had reported the previous year. With much excitement over its’ findings, I called Jeff Wilson to notify him- the day before the UFO Panel discussion at LAX with Jim Mars and other experts in the field. Jeff was surprised, as he had forgotten all about my vision last year and in a short time, he put me into contact with Professor Jon Paul DeVierville this past winter -who is an ICCRA member who was in England nearby when the Infinity crop circle first appeared. Professor DeVierville, who is doing his own study on this particular crop circle was intrigued as were a few others who wanted a statement. I promised to develop a white paper on my experience, but time elapsed and more pressing matters put my crop circle story on the "back-burner' until now.. For the months leading up to its discovery.. I tried to grapple with what Infinity meant and why my guide Chang took me there. As I delved deeper into my native American Lakota lifetime as White buffalo woman I discovered that the number“8” represented infinity in the Lakota culture and had significant meanings in other cultures too. but more than that.. the number 8 symbol for Infinity.. which was the shape of the Infinity crop-circle had deeper meaning for me and my work.. which I would piece together later in the year studying time travel and using various techniques in my hypnotic regression therapy practice. Studying the "loop" led me to adjust my technique and approach to healing-sliding people into the future –not necessarily the past –as a way of healing the present. Workshops with Dr Bruce Goldberg and other progressive healers and reading up on time travel and future progressions were key to my understanding of Infinity, time travel and what it meant to me personally with my work. Also, it was reflective later in '09 –attending the Return of the Ancestors event in Arizona and learning more wisdom from the Mayans and other indigenous wisdom keepers who participated in this historic event. This led me to discover how important the Infinity symbol would be for our evolution on planet earth and for me personally as a lightworker/communicator - helping others with the ascension that's happening at a more excelerated pace. Crop circles have stayed off my radar for a while until recently, when Nyako Nakar, and others from the crop circle community pointed out the elements of similarity between the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan-like images and Mandelas that were forming in other recent crop circles. Within 24 hours of seeing the Mandela crop circle -mandelas showed up everywhere I went.. on plates, napkins works of art..on books.. on tv.. on the web.. atleast 20 images within the last 24 hour time period.. Though invited to Glastonbury to speak on this vision predicting Infinity – I do not feel this is my “focus” at this time –though I am interested with the connection between the Infinity Crop Circle and the Mayan Calendar. One group in particular in Argentina, made a startling discovery when they used unique sacred geometry based the 08-08-08 infinity circle. They discovered 21 circles on each side and 9 in the center ring. The circles appear to follow a pattern in size using Phi. They derived that: 21*1.618039 = 1596 Why is this so important? Because when the group in Argentina calculated these numbers – there was exactly 1596 days left in the calendar before the end of the Mayan Long Count which ends on December 21st. 2012!! Nice Synchronicity :)
More on the number “8”- the symbol of infinity: On the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the twenty first century the “infinity” number eight appeared in the fields of Wiltshire. England. The number eight is a very meaningful number in many cultures, for example to the Chinese as it is also to many religions of the world. To the lakotas, the life cycle –the circle of life also is a representation of Infinity – the #“8” 8 also represents a completion, like the circle, but on a new level, or another octaves, an end and a beginning. 8 is also called the Lemniscate, which is the sign of the holy spirit. the no. of days in a week is 7, but the 8th day, say a Monday, is the beginning of a new week. in nature every 8th wave arriving at the sea shore is bigger than the rest. in the same way, in music, the 8th note is another octave.\ 8 hertz, very interestingly, is the brainwave frequency healers and mystics most tune into. furthermore, 8 hertz is Schumans resonance the frequency of earth (earth vibrates). humans cannot survive without it. astronauts need a 8htz generator to maintain health. life depends on that frequency, otherwise we would not buzz. its a common alpha frequency mediators frequency slip into for so called ‘expanded consciousness’ .expanded consciousness is a descriptive term to describe by many as to what is happening to you. Your thoughts travel outside the confines of the cranium. Your mind goes beyond the cavity of the head and travels to that on which you think without you having to take the physical luggage of the brain. Hence, we expand. we think not with the brain (a common misnomer), as we already ARE, and always were even before you were born (surprise!!). 8htz is the doorway frequency to that ‘many other state’ consciousness. 8 also ties in closely with DNA groupings 8×8=64 For exampke,. 8×8=64 squares of the iching, and the 8×8=64 squares of a chess board (that represents the universe.) 8 represents the pranic body in Tantric Numerology the 8th element is oxygen. 8 is the breath, life-force, connection to energy, healing.

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Comment by ChrisC on July 22, 2009 at 7:31am
interesting, thank you!


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