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Nuclear Fear ~ New Clear Fear

Hello WVZ Common ~ Unity (community) and anyone else who comes across this blog. I am here currently today in Tokyo Japan, sharing with you an email from a close dear friend. She let me know that there is an increased concern over the nuclear situation here and they are holding a prayer gathering from 7-8pm Tokyo time tonight July 30th, so please offer your prayers today some time or join in with them as I will at 7-8pm tonight. As we approach the anniversary of August 6th & 9th, 1945 I am struck by the irony that we face in North America 68 years later. The Irony of the old adage what you put out comes back to you... I love my country, my people, my friends, and my family. So because of that my heart shares these words. We have benefited greatly in the west by our willful act to dominate others by unleashing some of the most toxic energy known to man kind. We have willfully accepted the status quo and benefited from an energy source that not only threatens ourselves but the entire planet. It's not news, we know this and in order to cope we generally ignore it. Just to be clear about how prevalent this is, here is an illustration you can check out:

In 2011 March 11th, 311 3.11.11 when the Tsnami hit I was really devastated to witness that, as I had just recently fallen in love with the Japanese culture through my girl friend and my new love Yuko. I was in tears for 2 days watching the imagery and realizing what the long term effects beyond the immediate devastation would mean. Not only to Japan but for the entire world! The tsunami devastation was one thing, but the nuclear aspect was an entirely different crisis all together.

I felt I had to do something! I couldn't sit by and do nothing. But what could I do?.... This is way beyond my ability to do anything truly worthy to make a difference was my initial thought. Then I remembered, what I do when I feel there is no hope and it feels like there is no chance to get out of the situation, the only thing I could think of was to pray. That was the only thing I could think of that I could actively do immediately. I did that and then we did that together in Sedona on March 23rd while we had guests from Japan with us. Just one of many events that were initiated on behalf of Japan.

I felt then and still feel now that this is not Japan's problem! This is all of ours problem! This isn't just happening to Japan this is happening to all of us including Mother Earth! So we should unite together in whatever way we are able to, to do something to make a difference! The first part is so simple, that many ignore it as even unworthy of the effort and that is to pray! If you are in the worst situation of your life with no where to turn, prayer is a great way to meet every crisis. I know this is not the only crisis humanity faces in our time, but maybe it is the crisis that will get us out of our complacency of accepting the status quo. If you are going to die anyway why not do it in the best possible way imaginable...

Right after our Spring Equinox gathering with Drunvalo and a group of four elder Japanese ladies we were invited by Drunvalo to take part in the teacher training for "Awakening the Illuminated Heart". Yuko and I accepted the invitation believing one of the biggest differences we could make it is to work with consciousness in this crisis. That the way we could make the biggest difference would be through the heart. Since that decision and ever since the first time Yuko returned to Japan I have to face the fear of "is this it" will I ever see Yuko again... "Will, I die, if I go there"... each time it is like a small death. I have to say yes because it could be.... and each time I have to find the courage to accept leaving everything behind, giving up everything, and know that "it is a good day to die". Meaning you really have to accept giving up everything and being calm and safe in your heart anyway! In spite of the unmistakable looming danger facing you! The greatest challenge of my life has been to be okay with losing everything, to give up everything I thought was so Important and still be okay. I can't tell you how many times I broke down in tears when I thought of not seeing her again. For that very same reason I have returned to Japan as I often as I can to show solidarity at minimum, and to be here to face what I believe is now the front line for humanity.

3 months after the tsunami we went to Sendai-Ishinomaki to film and bring hope to those who were most effected. To assist non-profit organizations that were at the front line. To get the message out to the world about how they could offer assistance. That trip changed me permanently, to see how people and especially young people were coming from all over Japan to help out, was awe inspiring in spite of the obvious health risks, they came and did what they could. Some even risked their financial well-being by staying to give 3 months of their time.

We are facing a very real New Clear Fear and I dare say that North America maybe as affected if not more affected then Japan, because all the winds of fate are coming right at us on the Jet Stream and Ocean currents. I am often asked "so how is Japan"? Which I find odd because I am more concerned about how the rest of the world is taking it then Japanese people. They are doing something about it they have too! They are doing whatever and however they can. Part of that have to do something is prayer. When my good friend said she would be taking time for offering prayer for the situation tonight 7-8pm Tokyo time July 30th I felt the need to not only join with her in prayer but also write this message to whoever feels to join in. To remind everyone it is not only Japan. More then just prayer though I ask that when you think of Japan, please do more then just feel sorry for Japan. Thoughts create, so please send love, compassion, goodwill, and most of all relief from the contamination to not only Japan, but the Pacific Ocean, North America and all of Mother Earth.

There is only one way we can face any fear, including this New Clear Fear and that is with Love. I believe that with all my Heart! Love yourself, Love your neighbor, Love others like there is no tomorrow! I believe with that kind of faith we can change anything we are looking at and find that Miracle we need to get through this. There is only one way out and that is through our heart.

In Love

Robert Dakota

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