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Michael Jackson and Whole in One, doing my thing!

Whole in One, by loving my energies, doing my thing!
A week of reflections……
The other day I watched the Michael Jackson memorial ceremony, and to me it seemed like a beautiful dance-performance of true love, words singing its way from the bottom of those hearts. That made me feel deeply moved. And it became so clear to me that the reason for my deep movement was that I realized that I am here to show my Passion – like Michael. To show my Love – like Michael. To be who I am – like Michael.
When watching him dance and sing, it reminsd me that I DO NOT!
The reason for my sadness and grief wasn´t that MJ had left the Planet (not only), it was something that ariesed from within, an insight of how my own fears has stopped me from doing “my thing” – like Michael, regardless other peoples opinions or feelings.
This morning I watched a video on one of my friends' page on Soulgarden, and suddenly I´ll got a new perspective why that is I judge or condemn my surroundings and also my self.

As usual it came to me in the form of a question:
“Could it be that I have always been aware, deep down, that we are all One”, one Spirit, one Love, may it be that my mind misunderstood that message of knowledge and interpreted the message from another perspective, from what my physical eyes would see and not what my heart perceives or sees?”

“Could it be that my mind has misinterpreted a higher knowledge that lives within me? Can prejudice arise from this error - made by my mind?”

“Is that why fear arise when my mind realize that someone is different from me (when we are not One) – when seeing a different color, a different view, another sign, another construction, another religion or another truth or when I am not good enough, not as good as you?”

“How can that be that we are all One, when apparently we are not?”

“ Is that why all the debates is going on between people, all wars, like an endless river of conflicts, is that the reason for my conflicts with friends, family and with myself?

Is this the reason for my frustration and sadness, that we are suppose to be One, but are not? Is it possible that this inner conflict between the truth I am holding in my spirit – that “we are all One” - and the belief in my mind that we are not – could it be the greatest fear of all that are stopping me from loving myself and other unconditionally? The reason for not doing “my thing”?

Is it the same frustration that creates wars between nations? From the perspective of my mind, we are all different and “therefore not the same”, but my spirit speaks of the opposite?

I red somewhere this: “There are no victims or perpetrators, only volunteers” Could it be that we are suppose to give one piece each to the whole truth and nothing but the truth? How can we together get the picture that will stop the conflict inside regarding being One and the Duality?

Is it important that we are all One?
Does it matter that we are different?
Or is it important that we are all different?
Or does it matter that we are all One?

Today I red about our Zodiac Medicine – the blog by Cancer and it led me to astrology and all the zodiac signs – of uniqueness…. and differences.
So we are saying “I do not understand those Capricorns”, “I can´t get along with those Pisces, or Taurus people” “I love Aries and Libra-folks” we can hear ourselves thinking or saying aloud. And I come to realize that isn´t that how the mind would interpreted it? Viewing all the different energies that each of us are holding as “not being One” – not being the same as I.
Isn´t it like thinking of the famous big elephant: “I do not like my left leg”. You know what I mean, the story about the only thing we see from where we are standing? We are all One – does that mean that we are to come together with one piece each? Different colors – different energies – in order to build the whole?

And finally – after my reading with Christopher Witecki, I am – in a new way - honoring my different aspects within; my Cancer-moon, my Libra-Rising and my Capricorn-Sun – there are no weaknesses in my chart, only different colors of strength and power. And I am so grateful for understanding that!
In order to love all that is, could it be that I have to start by loving and understanding all my own different energies in order to love and understand yours?

Thank you so much for doing “your thing” Christopher and for showing me how to put myself into being “Whole in One” within myself, and thank you all souls out there, you are always giving me more pieces to my self-appreciating puzzle, each day, every day.

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