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What then are we to think..? Is the world truly in need of a savior to make himself known in order for humanity to find an equilibrium? It’s no mystery that practically all of the world religions speak of the return of some form of savior that will one day rid the world of all its woes thus bringing about a heaven-on-earth scenario. But is this really needed? Is it not true that we must each seek to work out our own salvation and that no one can ever help us to reach self-realization? I’m of the opinion that while there is in fact some form of Spiritual Hierarchy that oversees planetary evolution; each individual soul has the responsibility of working out its own salvation, that being his or her evolutionary plan. Nothing outside of ourselves can save us from ourselves. I do however, subscribe to the idea of Ascended Masters otherwise I wouldn’t be expounding on it here. Only my interpretation is somewhat different in that these Masters are no different than you or I and they have each manifested here in order to reach the level of awareness that they have achieved through self-realization. This is something that all of us are capable of through practice and mastery. Granted this may take several life-times, it is the purpose of our being, the sole/soul reason for existing. We are all masters in our own right seeking to ascend to higher levels of consciousness through the examples we know as the Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and countless others. They were no different than we are today and we will all reach the same level of awareness whenever we decide to live and dwell as the masters that we truly are.

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