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Through the male ego, we tend to measure ourselves by the number of women we’ve conquered or by the size of our external organs. We judge one another strictly based upon what we’ve done all of which is basically “male energy,” out of balance with being.

As a result of only catering to our ‘male energies,’ and not giving way to our feminine side, we hide our inner male away where they remain guarded.

As a result of constantly pushing outward, as men, we have become so disconnected from our inner female which is gradually seeking to draw us back inside where the actual self lies.

In order to achieve true balance where we are able to exhibit strong and receptive, passive and aggressive qualities, we must somehow close the gap between that which is ‘without’ and that which is ‘within.’

Dr. Pete C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D. Ultimate Truth: Book I, page 87

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