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Channelled through Whitefeather 6.07.09

Beloved My Dearest
I come to speak to you this day, with the Master MErlin at my side, to talk to you about the great energetic frequencies that are occurring during this time. We stand ready to assist each and every one of you, for these energies are deeply cleansing and deeply purging, many will feel overwhelmed by events. This will require awareness, discipline, and constant re-affirmation of your vision for your new Earth reality in order for you to get through these times. I urge you all to continue your work with the Light each day, continue grounding your energies into the crystalline core of the Earth. This will help keep you grounded during this Earth changing time.

You must understand dear Lightworkers, that what you have been experiencing is greatly magnified because you are the initiates, the front runners for the rest of humanity. You are bringing in the new energies, the new energies manifests within you and your daily lives as very intense emotional energies at times. Many of you are still clearing energies on behalf of others, those of your loved ones. This is a choice that each of you as Lightworkers has chosen from your great love for those of your family circle, for your friends and your community both local and global, for each of you has the greatest desire to uplift all around you, and you do this, even though it is such an intense and very often, unpleasant experience for you, remember it is accomplishing great good.

Focus upon your heart centers, your heart chakras at this time. Let all that comes through you be filtered and transmuted in your heart, as Merlin reminds you, transmutation is alchemy, its magick, for it is through these energies of love that you move into the higher frequencies. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted, or drawn into the chaos of others, even though it may be affecting your own personal lives at this times, hold the lilght, for it is helping humanity.
Nurturing yourselves is very important at this time, be kind and good to yourselves, enjoy the warmth and the sunshine, go out into Mother Nature and spend as much of your time as you can outdoors allowing yourself to absorb the Sun's rays. .
Dear Ones, you must be true to yourselves, honor yourselves, your innermost feelings and remember that your first impression of anything that you come in contact with, is the correct one, trust yourself, learn to discern your first impressions that come from your innermost selves and follow that which comes forth for you., switch off your head and your ego.
We are working with each of you and are always, willing to listen and to assist you, call upon us dear ones.
I am Kuan Yin with the Master Merlin. Blessings of Joy upon you all.

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