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After listening to the lovely meditation yesterday with Julie Zipper and those beautiful words by skip Jennings today, I went out to clear away a little (or very much) weeds in my garden, somewhat aware of what to leave behind, what doesn´t serve me and my life anymore. Long wiggly plants have been taking over the place I was thinking when pulling them up with their root. Suddenly something else passed wiggeling too - gone and away off my sight. It was a snake, a small lizard actually, called copper-serpent I believe.
I left the garden in order to see what message she got for me, and on my way in an ant jumped up on my foot and bit me (Ants have been invading my life everywhere and totally the last year!) I said some less lovely words and continued for the book "Animal Language". At random I struck up the book, and right there in front of my eyes, it says: copper serpent and its message. Amazing!
This is what she wanted to convey to me today:
"you have the gift to see into the past and into the future. Your gift is timelessness". and I was smiling when remembering what I wrote about feeling being in a "timeless place" in my blog the other day.
Suddenly I´d also remember that I was amazed yesterday when loading up some paintings and realized that elephants in different forms often appears in many of my paintings, without my awareness.
I immediately looked up the elephant message:
"Your gift is to remember, and to share your wisdom by being a teacher. Your gift is to bring wisdom and traditions to others, the elephant says:" we are the elders, we remember that since the beginning of creation. Our task is to remember everything that happened and to bring the old into the future. "We are those who remember "
Well, why I don´t look up what the ants are trying to tell me too, I thought while still having the book in my hand. This is the message from our Ants:
"cooperation and friendship is important in your life .Think and act as one, and you succeed - through cooperation unit. Your gift is to cooperate with others" - YES!, at last I can understand - now maybe they will stop biting me on my feet: -- D
Isn´t Life miraculously beautiful?!?! - Which animal did you meet today?

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Comment by Nina Adolphsson on August 9, 2009 at 1:17am
Thank you dear Helen! isn´t life just amazing when it´s happen???
And Love and All the most joy to you to friendly friend!
Comment by Helen M. Downs on August 8, 2009 at 8:11pm
Enjoyed reading of your experiences and insights as I just saw a similar(ish) snake yesterday and thanks, the interpretation is mostly timely and helpful for me too... so thank you and all the best to you!

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