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I just saw the movie "Orgasmic Birth", wow! Afterwards, filmmaker Debra Pascali-Bonaro and others held an open panel discussion. She has approached medical doctors. In two weeks she will co-present the movie with a doctor! Haha to make it more acceptable they're calling it "Organic Birth". Two panelist were from Puerto Rico. They said 48% c-section births there and 31.5% in the USA. C-sections and drugs can change the hormone sequence of birth. Interesting fact, two states, NY and Mass, passed laws that require hospitals to give mothers info about the hospital itself (I'll research this more).

The importance of healthy preparation and the 1hr mother/child bonding after birthing was shown as well as the healing potential for the mother. I believe in pre-conception preparation, including female orgasmic contractions during sex to condition the muscles. A mother who was molested as a child talked about her healing. One mom said she felt the knowledge of how to give birth come into her. Some had previous c-section births and switched. Many said they felt like "goddesses" and "empowered".

For me the movie was "hey this is the way it's supposed to be". I really wanted the babies to be held by their mothers, skin to skin, right after birth. I could feel my skin wanting contact. I feel a heightened sense of universal understanding. I recommend this movie for everyone.

Watching the active role the fathers took was touching. Continuously for hours before birth the fathers affectionately support and comfort their wives. One couple talked about a unique intimacy and bonding that took place. I liked the looks on the fathers' faces and their comments right after birth. Witnessing miracles can be life changing. I wondered if more couples bonded while sharing this most unique and special moment in time, if their relationships to each other and their children would be better.

Here's a link to the trailer

BTW I bought the movie if anyone wants to borrow it. It's also on Netflix - 1 month waiting list!

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Comment by Howling Woman on March 7, 2009 at 12:58pm
Oh I can't wait to see this movie! 22 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have an "organic" home birth. It was the single most powerful experience I have ever had. It truly felt as if I was connected to every Woman since the beginning time. It felt that I was consumed by the rush of Niagara Falls coursing through my body. If God has a feeling, that must be it. It almost defies description. The bonding with your baby immediately is so precious. My son looked as if he was "bathed" in white light. He has always been a very special child. He is thoughtful, compassionate, kind, and loving in a "christ conciousness" way. He is the only son of mine that has not once raised his voice to me, we have never had an argument. Of course after he was born, he latched onto my breast and didn't let go for almost 6 months! The world seemed to upset him, so I had to hold him all the time.
Anyway, all of my births were drug-free, but nothing can compare to the beautiful experience of that home birth.
My mid-wife at the time had me read some books that I know are still available. Home birth isn't illegal in Arkansas, it is in my state, but I found an underground mid-wife. One book is called "The Silent Knife" about the horrendous c-section rate we have here in the U.S. It does promote v-backs, which so many women don't understand is an option. The other book is called "Spiritual Midwifery", by Ina May Gaskin. I have goosebumps all over my body right now thinking about that one, it is so awesome. Hopefully, this film will encourage more families to consider "organic birth".
I too was molested as a young girl, very young, They gave me whiskey with hot water and sugar befoe the abuse, so as a result I spent 25 years as a hard core alcoholic. I didnt deal with the molestation until I had been sober for 3 years, yes, it was painful. You can heal from the trauma of child sexual abuse. You can have a very fulfilling, orgasmic, fantastic, integrated, whole sex life!!! It takes some special work, but if you want it, it is possible. With love, all things truly are possible. By the grace of God, I was always able to sober up long enough to be pregnant and nurse my three boys. Serial sobriety. Now I have 7 years in and am truly grateful.
Thank you for your review, thank you for bringing this movie to our attention.
Love and Blessings!

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