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These gifts are all from local Arizonan's of whom I appreciate their work very much.

From most affordable to most unique and exotic. Bee Candles, Bees Ointments and Salves, these

products we have in our home all the time.

If you want a University level education in one book on the topic of Sacred Sites this is it, Sacred Earth

Places of Peace and Power his book is any where from $7.00-$52.00 on Amazon

unbelievably $7.00-$17.00.

Find more videos like this on World Viewz

Cal Garrison Real Time Astrology is an online School in the Art of Astrology Reading from

 a local Sedonan who has 45 years experience. We are co sponsoring her Indigogo project

for production of her teachings for the school.

Kevin Petrilli is a true Sedonan living here for going on 3 decades. As an Artist / Metaphysician

I feel his work is exquisite. Excellent for enhancing your meditative states. Just check it out and you'll see what I mean.

David Milgram also another long time local Northern Arizonan his subtle healing sessions are the best!

He can do very subtle minor adjustments and improve your feeling of well being in a very short time.

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