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Happy New Year to All, May your Endless Present and Presence continue to Radiate Brilliantly!

I awoke to a fine morning in Pokhara, Nepal. I went quickly to breakfast as I had engagements to attend in the morning. 

The Three Sisters Guest House and Trekking Adventure is a wonderful organization that works to empower the women of Nepal. They do tremendous social service for the women and children of Nepal.

A few times per year, they get together with The Green Clean Pokhara Movement, an organization working to clean up the trash and pollution around this naturally beautiful area of the Himalayan foothills. I knew this would be happening on New Year's Day so eagerly joined the effort, as Gandhi so simply and elegantly stated "Be the Change you want to See". 

About 20 of us, mostly Nepali people combed the Lakeshore, picking up trash everywhere we went. We had boats in the water, helping clean up the floating debris in the water and men on the shore with long rakes helping with the trash in the lake. 

It was a wonderful, worthwhile and productive effort that I was proud and happy to be a part of.

Pictures in the New Year's Day Album

I encourage you all to come visit Nepal for the jewel that it is in this world. Come stay at the 3 Sisters Guest House, a fabulous place to stay, where most of the proceeds go to help others.

Shine brightly as you dance into the new year! My Love and Light is with you always!


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