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Grandfather Martin explains Colorful Drawings

On a "free afternoon" during the Return of the Ancestors - Apr 18-28 we decided to visit the Hopi Mesas just as individual tourist. We drove around the Hopi Mesas for a bit when our car was stopped by a couple of barking dogs. To make a long story short, as the dogs were barking in front of our car, a woman came up to our car. She asked if we'd help her dig out her car stuck in the sand. We said ok and walked over to a shed. The next thing I know Grandfather Martin is handing us shovels. After digging out the car we were invited into his house. After dinner we asked him to tell us a story. Here's "Part 1".

Earlier that day we were told at the visitor's center not to take any pictures of anything. Just put your camera away we were told. After listening to his stories for an hour or so, I knew I couldn't remember everything. This is important stuff so I said to myself "I gotta document this". I got my courage up and respectfully asked him if I could take pictures. He laughed and asked "you have a camera?". Surprised I answered "yes". He answered "take pictures".

Here's a couple of photos of colorful Mayan drawings I took. I found a YouTube video which I posted at the bottom. It isn't us, but it's about the same explanation he gave us.

Right Side

High Quality Download Link Right Side

Left Side

High Quality Download Link Left Side

Video I found explaining these photos

This is Video 3 of 4 - double click right on the video to expand

Here are the other Videos
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