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("In Search Of Lost Time" by bogenfreund)

« Lifeforce » is the story of a personal catastrophe, an individual end of the world, beginning from a state of inspiration and hyperactivity, through doubt, destabilization, failure, consternation, collapse, and then on to relativisation, assessment, the return of hope, and renewal.

The story is told in non-linear time, beginning just after the collapse, and its various stages are presented as objects of an introspection which will lead to appraisal and peace and will allow the protagonist to determine their next direction.

In the picture above, the bottom timeline represents the protagonist's sequence of events :

1. Infused : inspiration and hyperactivity
2. Derelict : doubt, destabilization, failure, consternation, collapse
3. Forsaken / Flashback : introspection and appraisal
4. De Profundis : relativisation, assessment, the return of hope, and renewal

The top timeline represents the musical timeline, in which the sections are presented in the following sequence :

1. Forsaken
2. Flashback
3. Infused
4. Derelict
5. De Profundis

« Flashback » is a short instrumental passage which represents the beginning of the recollection process, the transition from present to past. It leads to the remembrance of the time when energy and inspiration were flowing in abundance, which is depicted in « Infused. »

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Tags: catastrophe, collapse, consternation, demo, destabilization, doubt, endeavors over the years, failure, forsaken, hope, More…hyperactivity, inspiration, lifeforce, music, poligraf, prog, progressive, relativisation, renewal, rock


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