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Today is the first day of Summer 2009 and Father's Day. I am re-admiring a hand made card from my youngest child, Celeste. She created it when she was 7. She's 20 now. The outside of the card displays a hand colored heart with the words, "I Love You DaD" printed out in black crayola. The inside has a penciled hand written note, "I Love you Dad, because you play with me and tickle me!" That is such a precious gift because it melts my heart every time I see it.
We, as fathers, work hard to provide for our children. When we take the time to be in the present moment with them, they remember and cherish those times. It is never too late to play with your children, regardless of age, yours or theirs. Be with your kids today, if you can. And play. You and they will remember and cherish your moments together.

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