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De-Mystifying Subtle Sense Perception

By Laura Fine, Founder/Director of Lionheart Institute West

You’re a healer, therapist, body worker, nurse, martial artist, poet.
Perhaps you’ve studied Reiki, learned to channel, transmit light
energy, re-structure chakras. People come to you for guidance, healing,
insight, strength. You give of yourself open-heartedly. Your clients
love you. You help them change their lives. So why is energy healing
still so elusive?

As modern day holistic health practitioners we accumulate an array of skills and techniques utilizing subtle energy, but have no
understanding of how and why it works?

The mind has four layers; the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and
fully unconscious mind. When we work with subtle energy we
progressively penetrate into deeper layers of the mind. Within these
layers we retain the seed thoughts of all our karmas, positive and
negative past actions, experiences and their cellular memories. These karmas
show up throughout our lifetime reflected in our mental, physical and
emotional health.

Jill is a holistic nurse. She came for a session because her feet were
continually cramping. Though happily married, she felt this underlying anxiety that
she couldn’t explain. When she lay on the table in a relaxed state her
feet were severely arched. We worked first with the physical muscular
tension, then deeper into increasingly subtler levels of her energy
system. As Jill explored sensations in her feet, childhood memories
flooded her awareness. Jill’s body began spasming, and her feet slowly
released. The next moment, pain of childhood memories turned into gales
of laughter. After several follow up sessions she confessed she had not
had an orgasm in nine years of marriage. She was now experiencing
orgasms and her feet were no longer cramping.

Inherent within the human physiology is a natural self-correcting
mechanism. Distortions occur in our physiology due to early childhood (and past
life) traumas. A trauma may not look dramatic, but it takes only one
moment of helplessness for the infant to experience its life as
threatened. As adults, these cellular memories show up as behavioral
defenses, "feeling insecure, overburdened, betrayed, etc." Stored in
our cellular memory, no amount of intellectualizing will coax them out.

When we run subtle energies into the body we enliven consciousness of
cellular memory containing "negative imprints," distortions of life
force expression unable to be safely expressed in childhood. Once
enlivened, the body’s natural mechanics do the rest, re-aligning the
self with its true pleasurable essence.

The difficulty is accessing deeply enough into the layers of the subtle
nervous system. It’s like holding up a tuning fork. You can only
resonate to the depth of the refinement contained within the healer
that is present.

How does one attain deep levels of refinement? We must choose our
teachers and healers wisely. Look for the embodiment of humility,
compassion, purity, love, calmness and integrity. Association with
those qualities will cultivate this kind of healing in your own being
and presence.

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