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8/15/10 Join us! Hopi Dance & Ceremony & Pot Luck in Santa Barbara

Hopi Corn Dance, Eagle Dance,
Water Ceremony & Water Maiden Dance

Saturday August 14th & Sunday August 15th

Ayni Gallery, 216 State St., Santa Barbara

We Welcome Ruben Saufkie and Allen Talaytumptewa
from the Hopi Water Clan and Family into our Hearts,
our Community, and to the Spirit of this Beautiful Land

Uhnungdalawva - Come, Gather Together as we Open Up Our Hearts
Our Hopi Brothers and Sisters are coming to spread their message of hope for the world, H2OPE, spreading hope through water. Water is Life, and we are all connected through the water.

Join us in a Sharing and Caring H2OPE Circle where we can speak from our hearts and come home to our hearts. May we live our lives in balance and in harmony, with ourselves, each other and all that lives between our Mother Earth and Father Sky, so that there will be peace all around Mother Earth.

Hopi Arts and Crafts
Will be available for purchase both days at the Ayni Gallery

Saturday August 14th

Water Ceremony and Water Maiden Dance at the Ocean 11:00 AM
Join us at the ocean for the Water Ceremony and Water Maiden Dance where we will focus our prayers for healing the sacred waters and ourselves throughout the world. We are all made up of water and it is life, so spread the word.
You can park at the train station across from Ayni Gallery and we will walk down to the beach together. We will gather at the right side of the Santa Barbara Pier.

At Ayni Gallery Beginning at 1:00 PM
Hopi Corn Dance - The Corn Dance symbolizes a bountiful harvest and also is to ask for blessings of rain for their crops. Corn is very sacred to the Hopi way of life.

Potluck 3:00 PM

Bring your own utensils, plate, bowl and cup. Bring a yummy dish to share with everyone. You can leave your potluck dish at the Gallery before we go to the ocean.

Sharing and Caring H2OPE Circle following Potluck

Sunday August 15th

At Ayni Gallery Beginning at 11:00 AM
Hopi Eagle Dance - The Hopi people use the Eagle as their messenger to send their prayers to Creator for many reasons, healing, blessings of rain, to ask for strength to live balanced lives and many more.

Sharing and Caring H2OPE Circle following Eagle Dance

Place: Ayni Gallery, 216 State St., Santa Barbara. (The Gallery is across the street from the Fish Enterprise.) Website link for directions is Parking is available in train station parking lot across the street from Ayni Gallery.

Contact: Venessa or Deborah if you have any questions about the weekend gathering at:
818-262-3742 and

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