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8/15/10 Join us! Global Quantum DNA Reactivation Meditation from Tibet

August will have a gift for all of us. The culmination of the cosmic light energy arriving from the Heart of the Universe will allow us as Humanity to step into the next phase of our planetary graduation. Our DNA has all the key to work with, our multidimensional DNA has the divine mastery we are longing for. According to the Lemurian Masters there are certain hidden genetic configurations which will be available with the help of the Cosmic Light arriving from the Great Central Sun this time. Our DNA is the symbol of our evolution. There was the time when our ability to perceive reality and live accordingly exceeded our recent limitations. The world/reality around us is up to the perception we are ready for. Our DNA has the multidimensional dormant layers which will help us to enter into our higher dimensional reality. The original design of our DNA knows the Masters who we really are. With conscious dialogue with our DNA this Mastery can be available, the bridge to our divine essence can be restored for all of us.

Gaining mastery for thousands of years was a privilege for only a few. With the universal help we, as Humanity are ready to reach our next level of evolutionary achievements.

15th of August will open a few days long corridor to act more consciously for gaining back our original divine design. The dormant codes are indeed ready for our reactivation. The process starts with your own configuration but more re-calibrated DNA will be able to effect more dormant ones. Divine interaction can be started between the reactivated DNA layers on a planetary level, reaching out our collective consciousness level. 15th of August is an important date regarding this process. This phase of our collective DNA reactivation started exactly a year ago as it was prophesied in the Waitaha tradition. The key is available now for the quantum leap this prophecy is talking about.

This important meditation will be the opening for the next WorldWide Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony in Tibet. The DNA column in it re-calibrated multidimensional feature represents the Blue Flame of Will of God in its most exquisite beauty. The cosmic center of this sacred flame is strongly connected to Mt Kailash. The Blue Flame is one of the strongest tools to use on our Ascension journey, Archangel Michael, Adama, El Morya are all the divine representatives of this sacred emanation. Our ceremony will reactivate the Blue Flame as a the next layer of the WorldWide Lemurian Web aka the Rainbow sphere Crystalline Grid as the essence of all the wisdom and love of our past present and future.

Our group will be at Mt Kailash on the 15th of August. Please join us in your meditation. The method will be simple but powerful. Connect your heart to the heart of the planet, the Great Central Crystal Sun below and the Great Central Sun, the Heart of the Universe, above. Set the bond with conscious breathing. When you feel the heartbeat of them in your own heart then you feel the sacred space around you. Feel your own golden/purple sacred sphere which allows you to create whatever vibration you are longing for. In your own space of co-creation feel the intense present of a Blue Flame in the middle. This is your own Blue Flame Center where you are standing right now. See as this intense Blue Flame surrounds your own DNA column. See as this flame covers your symbolic DNA pillar. With your pure intention and love bring your own blue flame with your own DNA column to the heart of Mt Kailash. You are invited to the etheric center of this most sacred place inside the mountain. We will stand there together and we will create the most beautiful Sacred Blue Flame one can imagine. In this huge flame will emerge the new humanity's DNA column with all the reactivated strands in its most divine beauty. Seven conscious breaths into this column will complete the reactivation. There is a sacred space in your divine heart center where the blueprint of the reactivated DNA pillar with the blue flame around it fits perfectly. Find this place in your heart and place the essence of the flame along the reactivated DNA into there. Seven deep breaths will seal the sacred vibration into your heart.

After this meditation the groups both from the etheric plane and from the physical are ready to return from Mt Kailash. The newly calibrated DNA will start to reconnect through your whole body the Divine Essence of the Master who you really are. Conscious breathing in the mornings, silent contemplations in nature will greatly enhance the process. Beyond the personal benefits, the worldwide reactivation will help the universal process we are in the middle of as humanity. In the most beautiful divine design it will enhance the universal transformational process we are all part of. The New Humanity is ready to be born. Our planet is ready for the next step on her Ascension path. Her DNA codes are being reactivated along with ours as Humanity.

Meet you all in our hearts on this beautiful planetary occasion.



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