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Why do people not think of others feelings? Are we so wrapped up in our own lives that we do not think of others? And how do you explain to a 22 year old why his friend took his life?

As was explained to me, to take your own life, you do not have a spark of hope. No hope, only blackness, to me that is frightening.

I have had no hope, or so I thought at the time.

Everyone needs hope. Hope that things will turn out ok. Hope that the World will listen. Hope that the World will listen to what is happening around it. Hope that the people will rise up and say "Enough". Listen to the Word. Stay silent for a time, until it is your time to speak and when it is your time, shout it loud and clear, so that no man may ignore the message.

We are all responsible for each other and we are all connected. Break that thread and you have nothing. I do not want nothing, I want everything. I may be selfish, but everything I want, I want , not just for myself, but for every being on this earth.

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Comment by J. Nakagawa on January 25, 2009 at 1:19pm
Here here Montoya! Hi Carol,

My personal experience is the News eats away our hope. Fast fwd through the depressing news clips that really aren't "newsworthy". If I watch the Tele and Newspaper news every day I end up feeling bad every day. This is unhealthy for me and the world, because I end up hopeless and unproductive. The hormones in my body are thrown out of whack. We need to go out and find some Good news to just keep our bodies working properly. It is our responsibility just like trying to eat healthy food. Good news is out there! Here's a few examples I found on this worldviewzmedia website.

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News flash
Grandmother inspired by the death of her grandson visits Peru and successfully establishes an orphanage. Physically and sexually abused street children are given a home and healed.

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Boys and Girls club in northern Arizona helps children. 5 year old boy with behavioral problems responding well to therapy.
Comment by Carol on January 25, 2009 at 7:28am
Thank you for your heart warming comments and for taking the time to care. Peace light love x
Comment by Mushroom Montoya on January 24, 2009 at 10:56pm
Greetings Carol
We come into this life with a widened sense of self. Our self includes our parents and siblings and sometimes grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. As we grow, we become more aware of ourselves as individuals. By the time we hit puberty, we have separated ourselves from our larger self of family into a lonely aspect of just ourself. As we continue to grow and mature, our concept of self ,begins to grow again, but with the "damage" that we endured during puberty. If we can overcome that damage, we begin to include not only our family into our concept of self, we include friends. If we pursue our spiritual growth, we eventually learn that there is only the self and it is huge because it includes every human, every animal, every plant, every planet, every thing. Enlightenment comes to those who seek it. It comes to those who honestly grow their spirituality and their growth of their concept of self.

Look how far we have come in a century and a half. No slavery. Civil Rights. Human Rights, Animal rights, a concern and love for the environment. A global understanding of the need to preserve our natural resources. The list goes on. We have grown and we continue to do so. The progress seems slow while we are in the midst of it. But, compared to where we were, we are improving quite a lot. People have been listening to the message and acting on it. And even though there has been resistance, we are still improving, little by little.
We are all on our individual path to, hopefully, something beautiful and life enhancing. Some of us, forget that we are connected to everything and we become frightened and feel alone. But when that happens, we are doing that to limited misconception of ourselves. Sometimes, ones tragedy become a gift of understanding for someone else. It can be a "wake up" call.
Take heart Carol, the two legged inhabitants of Mother Earth are learning how to get along, little by little.

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