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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is really a science of mind and matter which sharpens and refines your mind. This technique was taught by S.N. Goenka. I have been practicing for about 5 years and it has been very productive and useful for me. I highly recommend a ten day retreat. Go to

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This happy order

Poetry is in order:

Chaos within the Order

As I sit quietly with my cards, I feel the invisible writing of songs upon the air.
This hallowed ground- this lucky space- has me jumping up and down.
And then I realize that this is where I am meant to be.
All my life seemed a struggle until I took the plunge.

I have restored years of my life. I have restored my future self.
The world is anew with magick upon the mirror. And I see it now.

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Poetry entry- "Left of Center"

"Left of Center"

By Sareena Sandhu

Stones are laid all over the ground.

There were prayers said to bring the peace.

The air of confrontation had just passed

It brought the eyes of the storm.

Why can’t I find the center?

The struggle for my strength

My support,

my roots, my trees.

Maybe I can’t write about this anymore

Maybe I can’t… Continue

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Writing about women's emotions in abusive and codependent relationships

Already, I have written about the domestic violence issue in my poetry. I am starting a website for the women to submit their work, I already know how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have been through. It is time to express your feelings. Those emotions cannot remain bottled up inside.

I wanted to write the words that would motivate, even inspire other women to leave. My writing would have to get through to even the hardest of hearts and break through all those walls. It had… Continue

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Underwater by Sareena (April 2009)

I am Breathing

I am finally breathing again

There is no pause

No closed door

No locked cage

I watch the clock on the wall

How many years has it taken me

To Breathe,

To Open Up My Mouth

to Speak

to Scream

to Cry

to weep

I am Here

I have found the Salt behind my shadow

My mouth Opens-look at that

I have a Voice

I have a Right

To Walk this Planet

Wherever I want

My breath fills the… Continue

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Persephone -a bit of writing

I WAS PERSEPHONE by Sareena Sandhu June 1998

I watched in awe as the blind red dirt

Covered my torso.

Seeming unreal

Whispering to the fourth wind

The one which does not make a sound or motion

As it blinds and pushes you in defiant instinct.

Thrown to hungry wolves

They are amused

My composure is self-withstanding

I am forged with metal which wraps its forceful nature upon my back.

And I am in Hades,

The cruel depths… Continue

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That woman on the Milk Carton by Sareena Sandhu

That Woman on the Milk Carton(March 2009)

By Sareena Sandhu

Why is it that

We can never really put ourselves

In another's shoes

Until we are really there

I am a survivor of domestic violence

I have the badge of honor and courage

I have changed my world

To change my stars

We decide that abuse is not right for us

We control what is done to our bodies and our… Continue

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Singularity (Sareena Sandhu, January, 2009)

Singularity by Sareena Sandhu ( January 24, 2009)

It’s like two universes staring back into each other…

Regret, sadness, disappointment

One path.. one life easily changed.

I go back in time…I go forward in time…

My life changes, starts…

Rebirth … process…begin again- it’s like the womb opening and closing…

Death..grieving, loss, abandonment.

A phoenix rising from the ashes.

How many times.. how many times.. have I done this?

How many times will… Continue

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Candlemas( Sareena Sandhu 1998)

I keep changing my mind. I like the season of winter and the solitude, but I have visions of Candlemas and the spring and the green popping up unexpectedly. I am both inside this experience and the one of the winter element of water.

So, here is a poem about Candlemas, though admittedly it is far away.

Candlemas( Sareena Sandhu, 1998)

Winter wages its slow fury through snow covered trees and bristling winds.

It covers our heads and houses with hard rain that rips… Continue

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The Spirit of Yule-poetry

I have been inspired by Winter. This time of year is total "water element" according to Traditional Chinese Five Element Theory. So here is a poem about this time-

The Spirit of Yule by Sareena Sandhu (1998)

I was awash in light, cradled like an infant-waiting to be born. I fell asleep. Did I ever exist as one true molecule-body-being?

There is a sense of urgency like slow dripping water from the faucet. White and green candles resonate. They hum like a…

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Full Moon December 13th Saturday- the Power of 13

Full moon, and the 13th of December.. all this goddess energy. the symbols of the thirteen. Why such a bad rap? This is commonly referred to as the Wolf Moon and if you're in the Northeast, wolves are huddling together on this cold night. It is a relief. Friday the 12ths planetary energies were heavy.. heavy..oh boy. I cried for hours about how unhappy I felt,, until I realized I was really releasing and this was a free flow process. I felt much better on Saturday. I could smile and my energy… Continue

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