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Introversion & Intervention (The Chrome Lake parts 1 & 2)

("introvert-study" by Robert___T)

« The Chrome Lake » is the core middle part of the « Entering The Stream » trilogy. Lasting a little over 12 minutes, the composition depicts one episode of intense soul-searching, and…


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The Mechanics Of Karma

("A free body diagram of a mass on an inclined plane" by Mets501)

Will the island turn into an archipelago ? More poetry today...

How long have I hankered

For the right way to go

How far have I wandered

To know what I now know…


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A poetic island in a musical stream... entitled « Outgrow » :

That which you can't abide

Embrace as if a friend

Once you two have allied

No thing will make you bend

That which you can't escape

Welcome as a teacher

You will never espouse

More talented lover

That which you won't challenge

Can't ever make you wise

But that which you surpass

In freedom makes you rise

That which you merely… Continue

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"Reinfused" is basically a rehash of the material presented in "Lifeforce," but with an emphasis on shifting time, forward movement, and dynamism, to suggest the removal of obstacles from the path of a process which is then finally allowed to follow its course toward completion.

The piece is an instrumental. Here is the…


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I wrote this a while back.


Did you ever want to go

go running, jumping, go crazy

warm sandlewood, Coltrane, Frangelica nights

the word hello was poured in my ear

husky and enticing, draws you in, a wisp of soft spring air

a dream of a dream of a dream

a role not yet lived

I knew you once in my mind's eye

we ran on the white sands

the day much like that day, a blustery one

telling the gulls… Continue

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Somnambulant Dreams: Photo & Poem

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon over Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona ~ Photo and Poem by Jade Wah'oo Grigori 11/30/08 Somnambulant Dreams Somnambulant Dreams From Darkness arise unbidden. Sirona bathes memories of their anguish, Her serpents bring knowledge once hidden. The Truth of Una Stirs beauty from the heart of each Who holds firm the trust that love will not languish, When held in union’s sacred reach. Jupiter’s fortune, Embraced… Continue

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