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Creeper (revisited)

("Two portraits of Ryogen" - Author Unknown - copyright holder is Kiemon Tsuruya)

« Creeper » is an allegory wherein destructive mental processes are compared to creeping plants. The piece depicts four stages of a confrontation between creeper and host : introduction, growth,…


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Upward (The Idler part 3)

(Blue Morpho Butterfly by Martin Johnson Heade)

The third part of “The Idler” is entitled “Upward.”

The idea behind the movement is quite…


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Chronoscope (The Idler part 2)

("Mainspring on a Sea-Gull ST16 movement" by Hustvedt)

"Chronoscope" is the second movement of "The Idler." In the storyline of the suite, this section is a reflection on the passage of time that culminates when the protagonist realizes the repetitiveness of his…


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In The Taste Of The Day (The Idler part 1)

("Upward" - detail from an old kindergarten painting)

The Idler was born of a combination of concepts discovered while exploring various domains of knowledge during the second half of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s.

« The idler who does not arise when it is time to arise, who is full of sloth though young and strong,…

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("Climbing Plant" by Popperipopp)

“Creeper” is directly inspired by the following aphorism from The Dhammapada :…


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