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Imagine = I'm a genie. When we use our imaginations, we become genies of sorts. I was packing boxes and a yellow bumper sticker caught my eye. It was partially obscured with papers on top of it. It was upside down from my vantage point. I tried to read it. I noticed the Capital "I" then the "m". My mind was already processing the possibilities. The conjugation, "I'm" came up followed by "a". I reached down into the box and moved the obscuring papers. The letter "g" revealed itself, accompanied by the letters "ine". My mind pronounced them as geenee. When I imagine, I am a genie. How true that is!

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So true brother Mushroom,
On June the 6th, we held a Peace Concert her in Aotearoa, New Zealand and a song that I was blessed to receive during meditation... is entitled "Imagine the Magic"! Yes we are magic genies! Blessings..Kereru
Thank you! This Universe is hilarious! (I knew that when I was little- I've been practicing knowing that again)


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