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Before our gathering at Return of the Ancestors.. for over ten years in fact, others like Drunvalo and healers around the world have been repairing the earth's grid for the return and activation of energies that have been dormant for thousands of years on this plant.. Many of these crystal pyramids never worked on their own, as they were all interconnected to activate these energy points to work. Long ago, the Pyramids allowed us all to communicate without words or language via telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, etc. During those times, words and written form were not of importance. The fall of Atlantis -when the crystalline girds were deactivated so long ago -caused this connection to be lost and we went back to our primitive nature. For several years and continuing over the coming decades, these encoded energy fields will be coming back to us and as they do, people will continue to be at different levels of intuition and understanding on this earth plane. Some will tap into these energy fields and some of you will not - as the energy is encoded and is determined by your path. The more a person ascends, the more they will have an increased ability to tap into multiple energy fields to transmit information to the brain. This is not possible at the capacity it once was at this time as most human brains would "short-circuit" by not having the current capacity to handle all the information being turned back on. With what the Mayan call the 6th katun, and women leading this "Shift in Humanity" at this time with their Divine feminine energy, it is the women who will be the more receptive gender to receiving the information that is coming back to us with this new cycle that started a few years ago that will continue throughout the coming years - but it is a slow transition "back" to what we know, what we remember, and where we came from.Screen%20Shot%202014-07-09%20at%2012.03.42%20PM.png

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