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Telepathy and Purpose - the Children of Today

While some refer to children born in the 90s as crystal children, and the previous generation before that as Indigo, we should not put a label on kids as they are all at different levels of growth and understanding in this world.
However, having six niece and nephews and all kinds of children in my life as an educator, healer and friend, I see the amazing skills today that adults are only beginning to truly understand.
Like many of the special children being born, autistic children/autistic spectrum children do not need words to communicate. Many of their ques are non verbal via ESP - communicated telepathically, like a dolphin. The same is true with mainstream children being more in-tune vibrationally through intuition to show or communicate what is going on with them at times, instead of needing to verbalize it.
Though these crystal children and the autistic children share some characteristics that are alike - what is coming soon is rainbow children who will have even greater concern for the planet and deeper divinity. These kids will be coming in when these crystal children from the 90s (many reaching young adulthood now) start having their own children. At this point, these children known as Rainbow warriors - (just like we were called at the Mayan gathering at Return of the Ancestors in 2009 to prepare for the shift), are really going to be the ones helping to save the planet! These rainbow children from around the world born in the new age of Aquarius will come in to remove more outdated and negative values - ushering in a time of more love, peace and unity in the world and with each other. Those acting out of integrity, like I've written about in earlier blogs will be transparent.. and will be forced to change and transmute their old ways even more.
Again, the most beautiful value of all these children, like animals - is that they can communicate with you clearly without using words. If your a parent with a child born from the 90s on.. or are a parent that has a special needs child, the more you meditate and become "in-tune" the more receptive you will be to their vibrational ques - to help you better understand the gifts they bring and what you need to learn from them as your child.
Regarding telepathy between myself and especially autistic children, there are too many stories to share, but I was reminded yesterday to write this blog given what happened.
I arrived home late to find a beautiful perfect looking life-size piñata next to my dumpster as I entered my home. At first I thought to myself. "This couldn't be Princess Sophia.. could it?" … but upon closer examination I noticed that this piñata was the size of a little girl and that it was indeed Disney's Princess Sophia! Little Sissy or Princess Sophia - as my friend Alexandra's daughter is called is 11 years old with autism spectrum. Since we met a year ago upon returning to Miami, (like other autistic children) she communicates with me telepathically, often telling me what she wants and needs both directly and through other people. She can also read my thoughts at times. As usual, she was wanting me to give her this piñata for her big birthday party tomorrow along with the gift I already bought her, (her birthday was earlier this week), but apparently didn't want me to spend more money on another gift, so she just arranged for it to be there!. On another occasion celebrating the 4th of July last year, Sophia.. or "Sissy" as we call her just had little kids run up to me in Target tossing things she would like for the trip in my shopping basket - knowing that I would be arriving at the vacation compound in Orlando the next day!!
Then there is my cousin David in LA (also autistic), who upon listening to the Gypsy kings one day on a family outing with my cousins to Santa Monica, chose one song in particular out of a thousand or so songs on my ipod to listen to. This particular song was by the Gypsy Kings and while we listened, my cousin Stevie was driving and we were all led to park directly in front of the exact location at the 3rd St Promenade where a band was playing the exact same Gypsy kings song at the exact same moment! There was also the time when David was making name tags for my cousin's holiday party one year, and I lovingly nicknamed him "Ink Jet" - as he was able to reproduce any font on the computer for each guest's name tag. These are just some of the many artistic and musical talents they have. Yes these kids are gifts to this earth and have so many special qualities they are bringing with them. The subtle clues are there… you just have to be aware and in-tune.
Though these are only a few short examples of how these special kids communicate via ESP and telepathy. Those newly "tuning in" will better understand the purpose of these children today and why they are here, but is time to pay attention!.
As transcendental meditation/yoga and connection to spirit increases, so too does the unity love, healing and understanding of one another on this earth - especially the children. Its a beautiful thing to see, and so glad to see it finally happening!Screen%20Shot%202014-06-05%20at%207.24.42%20PM.png

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