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Past Life Regressions vs DNA Energy Healing: Why I stopped doing past-life regressions and tips for those seeking out regression work

Past Life Regression is an area I started working in towards the end of my grad school in I/O Psychology. In my 20’s after finishing school, I studied with my first shaman/PHD in Psychology, I also proctored classes/doing statistical analysis for my cousin Dr Alicia Tisdale’s client practice - including her regression cases and cure rates post visit. Both the individual case studies and cure rates were astounding! Later on, in the mid 90s in LA - I was able to study with Dr. Brian Weiss, the grandfather of Past Life Regression, along with other shamans/healers embracing both the clinical education/spiritual training in their work. All of these mentors had slightly different techniques and I can honestly say I learned from some of the best people - who truly cultivated and shaped this therapy and technique.  

As I entered the business side of psychology and continued my healing studies, I eventually spread my wings and moonlighted regressing clients in between my day jobs for many years. The results astonished me and the more I studied with gifted teachers and played “guinea pig” on myself - allowing gifted healers to regress me, the more I learned about my own regression technique and how to make it better for my clients. 

I also researched and validated a particular lifetime for my memoirs (a lifetime of work in progress). This particular lifetime was significant to my present lifetime - and was one where I had suffered from polio. Since it was recent and very easy to recall -  it required the scientist in me to work with a handful of special “entrusted” healers from different parts of the world to help with this process - and my “pickiness” was for good reason as I will explain further. 

Shows Like “Reincarnated” Past Lives” are a perfect example of using  this very effective modality in the wrong way - as the clients on this show all have a mild curiosity about their past lives but the actor/hypnotist who performs the work does not exhibit the “skills” or technique by example in the art of doing a proper and safe regression.  During one segment, he admits candidly that he is still learning, yet it concerns me that his clients all reappear weeks later still stuck in a state of heavy processing of feelings/emotions from that lifetime visited.  It is as if they are carrying around the past in a time warp relieving and feeling that past lifetime in the present. Yes perhaps its dramatized for tv! - but it shows clearly by example - what is not working here! 

The same is true for many hypnotists I have observed first hand during regressions in hands-on classroom settings. Without properly witnessing, guiding and closing/healing the regression - your client can be in danger. 

While it takes courage and trust to allow someone to “hypnotize” you, it is not a healing modality for everyone and you should choose someone highly qualified and capable of keeping you safe who truly brings you healing from the experience. Of course - that will only happen if your capable and open to being hypnotized in the first place! as this is not a healing modality for the skeptic or "control freak" at heart. 

Regression is a modality I no longer offer to my clients simply because I find DNA/Energy work to be so much more effective and “all encompassing” in healing multiple lifetimes. It heals all the areas my clients need healing with - while keeping them “in control” and aware of what is going on at all times in the induced trance like state. Since they are fully present and aware of the work we are co-creating together, they truly feel safe and in control at all times.  The best part of DNA healing is that my clients are not “stuck in the past” and are not reliving any heavy trauma but healing multiple lifetimes/lessons all in one setting without having to re-visit the past, re-experience the pain or risk being “stuck” there emotionally. 

To only go to one lifetime (for a regression) when we are living in a time of experiencing and connecting to many lifetimes - is not as effective in the healing process. Therefore,  I no longer offer it because I truly want to bring my clients the most effective healing with the least amount of pain. 

The number 1 reason people came to me for regression work was more out of curiosity than healing - which can be a dangerous door to open - especially for those most susceptible to being hypnotized. 

Though many curiosity seekers still want to “go there” and still seek regression therapy. We must not forget, it is still a form of therapy and not entertainment and should not be treated as such. It is also a healing form that can be dangerous when issued by those who are not skilled to properly do a regression. 

Being trained as a hypnotist does NOT make someone skilled to do a past-life regression.  What i’ve seen both in the classroom and on shows like “Reincarnated Past lives’ is that the person doing the regression does not sense, feel or see what the client is experiencing under hypnosis.. Since they are not sensing/feeling the type of danger the person may be in by experiencing /relieving the trauma -that client can be in danger themselves and it can be very traumatic for the client without any way of expressing that - because they are under!  This is highly irresponsible, and in extreme cases,  the person could experience cardiac arrest from the stress if they are NOT “reliving” the past life from a detached perspective. 

Yes, this is possible and there have been a few documented cases/studies in this area.. but nothing I’ve seen in a mainstream forum yet, but still something that I want people seeking this treatment to be aware of. Without these skill sets, the hypnotist doing the work can seriously put their clients lives in jeopardy. 

Furthermore, if the person doing your regression is not a qualified Psychologist with the gift of text book/clinically educated training combined with “hands on” experience and a level of spiritual understanding/capabilities, than there are big risks involved with this work. 

On top of proper educational training, the healer must be "spiritually" aware to know what's going on.. This way they can help their client take a “detached” perspective when they stumble upon tricky terrain and must be properly able to “close the wound” so to speak.. otherwise, a particular client can be walking around for days, weeks, months or even years with the past being present.  They can even risk bringing on the symptoms of a regression back to this lifetime!

That is why the wounds and lessons learned must be healed and closed in the right way - and only someone on this level of understanding can do so properly. 

From my extensive research validating my past life many years ago dying from polio - a lifetime I risked visiting many times for more granular dates, times, locations, names, etc.. I knew when it was my limit and when not to go back there, as I would have been risking bringing on the disease again in this lifetime - something there was no way I wanted to do!  As a trained/educated scientist, I sometimes pushed the boundaries - but safely in knowing how to do it and entrusting only those qualified/capable of keeping me safe while doing the research. There are a handful of colleagues I trusted with this process who met my tough criteria and it was these elite hand picked healers who I went to for my research. 

If after reading this article you still want to experience a regression, I suggest you do your research and really know the person regressing you. Make sure they are qualified both educationally and spiritually and know how to properly extract and heal the lessons learned from the lifetime you visit. Reading text book knowledge online does not make someone qualified! 

Natural born healers with intuition, hands-on educational experience and spiritual gifts - are best for this type of work. Always ask for testimonials and a tape if they have it to show you their approach so you can ask yourself: “Is this healer truly intuitive and aware/”in tune” to what the client is experiencing?”, “Is this person actually asking the right questions via intuition to get to the heart of the matter/lesson in the particular lifetime? Is this person properly handling the regression, keeping the person safe and detached from pain? Are they properly closing the wounds from this lifetime - helping the client heal, gain insight in obtaining a proper life review?" 

All of these things are important for both healing and closure from your regression to keep you safe and healed. Interview, check credentials and choose wisely. 

WIth love and light, Leslye 



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