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Online School in the Art of Astrology by Cal Garrison Celebration Sale

Thank You for Tuning into Cal's Real Time Astrology!
We are Celebrating Completion of Cal's first Year of
Real Time Astrology Online Courses.
Celebration Sale is Here Now!

We have just completed 36 hours of Lectures on Cal's Wisdom and Knowledge of Astrology Reading. For me as a filmmaker I am very proud that we have completed this milestone. What prompted me to propose this project to Cal in the first place is not only that Cal is a close friend of mine, but that she has a body of knowledge; wisdom if you will, that I feel should be archived and shared with the next generation. Fortunately for me Cal agreed!

I have had the luxury of hanging out with Cal as well as being in the council of Cal since about 2009 even though I have known her since 05'. She has compassionately guided me through some very, very tough times. It was her wisdom on many occasions (along with a host of other sisters) that assisted me in overcoming severe emotional blocks that I had been suffering from, related to past traumas that were replicating themselves in my "then present reality". All the Opportunity that I had to be the beneficiary of her wisdom made me feel that many people could benefit from Cal if they only knew about her.

This when I reflect back and remember how we got this project started for Cal, was one of the main impetus' to bring her work forward and out into the world. Her wisdom of Metaphysics, Astrology, Ancient Wisdom, Celtic Knowledge, The Cycles of the Seasons, and much more because I'm learning all the time about the depth of Cal's profound understandings of the Macro to the Micro of Being Human and the effects that affect us! I had assumed naively that we would have approximately 100-200 students per Quarter. Well that hasn't happened yet but we made it through the first year by Faith, Love, on a Wing and a Prayer, in spit of the huge challenges. That means we now have the luxury of reducing the cost for the first year of Real Time Astrology Online Courses because we completed the first year of archiving. The only drawl back is that Real Time Students in real time have access to ask Cal questions during the course. Even though I have not been that interested in Astrology and have no previous academic understanding, I learned a great deal about our cosmos and the effect it has on us. From the Macro to the Micro! So my opinion is that her courses are valuable to Everyone, if not for becoming a reader but at least being able to read your own situation!

Thank you for your indulgence in this long message, it is my inspiration to share Cal with as many people as possible, because I know they will benefit from her teachings!
Please share with others who you feel would appreciate her offerings.

Thank you for Your Time!
Robert Dakota
PS if anyone has any suggestions to offer on getting Cal's work out to those who would benefit from this offering please email me at

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