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My syncronicities reading “the Circle” by Dave Eggers and the parallels of more social media in our world

As I have written about many times in my blogs and memoirs in progress…life for me since my spiritual awakening has seemed to be an occurrence of "crisp and clear" syncronicities - oftentimes occurring when I read and watch films.  As a result, I must take careful consideration to the types of movies, film or books I choose to read in the little/spare time I have when I'm not working or playing. 

During my trip to Scandinavia last month, I was lead to buy some enjoyment reading for the trip .. and was immediately drawn to the first book I picked up in an independent book store "Books and Books" in Miami. The book is called "the Circle"...and as you can see - Screen%20Shot%202015-08-14%20at%204.22.12%20PM.png its a bright day glow orange cover and was published in 2013 by a very gifted and insightful writer named Dave Eggers.  Of course, immediately the syncronicities started happening from the moment I started reading the book just before the plane touched down.  For starters, I flew Delta Airlines (the Triangle - and coincidently the airlines my old boyfriend flew for before his brain aneurysm) and also the Delta is the insignia on the time travelers of the future and the insignia on Star Trek.. and a symbol represented in our Greek past on this planet. The Delta Dental Plan was also the insurance that allowed my father for many years as a dentist to serve and take care of his patients.. many Delta insured Autoworkers.

Upon arriving in Copenhagen, my accommodations were arranged for me at the Square hotel so you could say.. I was tuned into these signs and had a  "Sacred Geometry" trip going on reading the Circle, staying at the Square Hotel in Copenhagen and flying the Delta (the Triangle)! Everyone around me had the same bright day glow orange colors on identical to the book cover and to me. so it was all synchronized. 

Through site-seeing and traveling for business and pleasure - I was unable to complete the book until today yet like all the other books I picked up to read since my awakening..this  book has "real life" syncronicity" every step of the way.. and was chillingly "creepy" and prophetic. Again.. as a light worker - Im conscious to be very careful of what I take in to read/view given that I see and feel things most don't catch on this earth walk. 

As some of you know - my cousin CHAR is a world reknown psychic who lived in Holland for many years and I called her up yesterday to congratulate her on a new online show she recently launched. We hadn't spoken in a few years but I wanted to reach out to tell her this and how especially excited I was that her show featured my cousin Alicia (her sister), who was instrumental in mentoring me as a teacher, educator and gifted pioneer PHD Psychologist specializing in Past Life Regression.  Char suggested I watch more of her Char episodes and I promised her I would when I had time before we hung up from our brief conversation. 

So during last night's unrelenting rains and thunderstorms I watched her video "TRUTH BE TOLD" filmed at Gower Studios in Los Angeles. During her show, Char discussed the word MOXY - as my good friends know - MOXYGIRL or MOXYGURLL as I spell it - is my personal email for the last 20 years and how I communicate with Char and other close friends and family. During this segment she discussed her views on Karma and asked Tony and Eddie, her co-hosts jokingly if they would wear her shirt 'What's your "CHARMA." with her name on it if she printed them up.  Tired and not one for watching much TV, I went back to my book "the Circle".. and next, I turned to page 400 of THE CIRCLE - and as you can see.. here they talk about "Demoxy… a world of ONE online Democracy and an employee at the circle named SHARMA - yes !. SHARMA!  PHOTOOFBOOKPAGE.pdf and FULLBOOKPAGE.png

Welcome to my weird world! happens all the time - yet now you understand my natural tuning vibration to syncronistic experiences.. yet unlike the main character Mae in the book "The Circle", reading this book and having such strong syncronicity seeing and feeling things that most people "miss" or gloss over in our world made me more compelled than ever to write and educate people on the dangers of whats coming if they don't stop becoming so digitalized and "sucked into feeling an artificial sense of belonging via social media along with more invasions to our privacy like the characters in this book. Today, especially in parts of the United States - I've noticed some large cities and rural places where many people are just not socially or physically present anymore. All you have to do is see a movie from fifteen years ago and you will see how much more social people used to be and how much our world has changed. 


The premise of the book is about a young group of 30 somethings that work for a fictitious social media company in California that want to make the world transparent through people seeing and deciding everything together through live social media. They use social media to "like" or "frown" on opinions (much like Facebook/twitter and instagram does today) and wire everything that is occurring around the world in live real time. Those who chose to "live off the grid" are ostracized by society or driven to their deaths. Real life tools we have today.. like Facebook, Google and - on steroids are also new features and software programs that the "Circlers" as they are called: introduce, test and roll out in the book showing painful transparencies for the main characters when dirt is scooped.. The central characters privacy is removed - showcasing their every move and dirt and the most personal private moments in their lineage through these tools, causing a breach in relationships and employees sacrificing their "Circle" life over their families for the rush they feel from online fame.. worse than any celebrity! and their desire to be in the limelight. New ways/programs are invented and encouraged every day to take away individuality and freedoms.  This fictitious book is not too far fetched from where we are heading when you see whats online today.. and is why I encourage people to be more offline than online and be conscious of keeping things they value sacred and keeping themselves "real". Its great to be open and be yourself - yet not everything needs to be shared They should also respect and allow people that don't want to be "on the grid" - their privacy and ability to live out their lives out of the limelight if they want to. 

As creepy and real as this book is.. I encourage people to read it - as many people on FB that I know have a real problem with posting and checking news feeds too often.. including comparing themselves to others and/or presenting themselves and their families in "the best or worst scenarios"  for validation of who they are….including me when frustration surfaces in my human state - as I'm here to learn like anyone else..  there is a real feeling that the posting process is an addiction to heal and to resolve the loneliness,  isolation and "artificial" validation many people feel they need compared to twenty years ago when times were more social ... especially us Americans who are the most tuned into the reality/”selfie” internet world these days - and something that other parts of the world  luckily don't really  "envy or emulate" except for maybe Londoners.. there are still many parts of Europe who refuse to be that transparent. Let's hope it stays that way! When traveling to other places outside the US the past several years, I noticed that many countries are socially more present and off their phones in grocery stores, retail shops and social places - unlike America and places like Miami where much of the social etiquette is  "out the window." With phone in hand, walking, working, riding the elevator or standing in front of you - people just don't care if they are being rude or loud or tuned out… and many young people I meet - want to be famous or well known and take selfies of themselves 24/7 yet can't type a simple " "How are you? “ or call to say “Hi, What's new?".. or engage in first understanding a situation before they rush to a solution or response. Why not be reactionary or  "self absorbed" when mom or dad is that way and the only news stories online making major news these days is Kim Kardashian's selfies or but or her sisters lips injected looking overly sexy or cameras catching Ariana Grande being Anti-American and tampering with food licking doughnuts with her boyfriend? .. along with interviewers/reporters following along with these brainless stories to keep their jobs and/or shaming them for their acts caught on camera when big brother is watching.. Whether we want it or not... this is the news and our reality today. Not what is newsworthy and not what we want to create in our world and not what is important! No wonder the Orlando newsman walked off the air last week sighing after he was asked to deliver another mindless bubblegum report on the Kardashians on live news!.  With stories like these and the transparencies social media and cameras are revealing - the darkside of the “Circle” is not that far removed from our present real lives these days. As a global society - we really do have our work cut out for us to monitor and be conscious of what we are creating in our world - especially in the US. For example, digital phones approved at the US middle school level this past year - increasingly challenged us as educators to keep the children attentive during our Pals visits. Keeping them focused, present and engaged on the white board shouldn't take 6-7 educators to hold down the fort and keep children focused - but it did.

If your reading this.. let's help to change the perception/values of children that don't have guidance for what is important and help to improve the situation by being the right role models. More educated heartfelt newsworthy stories in our world and less time online. Affections and actions toward loved ones that are "not for show" on social media would be a great start. As the best moments of love and compassion towards others is oftentimes when no one sees you and you dont need the recognition. 

What is life? is being acknowledged/remembered for who you are and for your contributions what we are all here striving for???? I don't think so. 

Enjoying life and loving those who matter most and who are present in our lives and who we agreed to be with in this lifetime. To me.. thats what life is about and for many its fortunate that they are waking up to this realization too. 

Sometimes your passions change or expand or those in your story change..yet its all by focusing on what really matters most in the present that counts. 

By identifying what you came here for and who you are in the present..  that allows you to be resilient, strong and to co-create/evolve to make your story fit the person you are today and that person you are moving towards becoming in the future.  

Even if you have been through hell and suffered greatly.. that is only your story if you keep telling it. Survivors and thrivers rebuild and move on. They live for the present and for the future. 

What I love about meditation and certain forms of yoga is that it teaches the mindful practice of stillness and genuine listening.. and taking a vested interest in others.. to be present for them, to help them, to love them and to be of service to them (when asked or needed) and to feel comfortable openly confiding/talking with them about our lives, hopes, dreams, concerns. That is an exchange in balance and yes - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .. that is what it is all about. 

When I started Pals Around the World Books and Program, it was to help give all students access to education about other cultures and the humanitarian component of taking care of the earth and each other. Today, Pals represents the positive aspects of our world as a CIRCLE… In contrast, to this book "THE CIRCLE"by Dave Eggers representing the dark side. the duality that we must rise above is always there in everything.


THE PALS AROUND THE WORLD message - the good points of a circle.. peace, love, unity, tolerance and caring about our world remains the same.. and by reading in a circle it is also real life social interaction - the heartfelt exchange of being present for others and joining together as one with an open exchange of communication of ideas, reading and education and improving ways through education of taking care of our earth and each other. Our pioneer Pals Ambassadors from my former career as a celebrity reporter are wonderful and we value them for launching us just as much as we value those who are not Celebrities - as every Pals Ambassador is a "STAR IN OUR EYES" - they all have something equally meaningful to offer thru their example. .. they give their time generously only to make a difference in the lives of children. They read and share their career, their story and life lessons with our students in the schools and are positive role models. These are people who have integrity, interesting careers, cultural backgrounds and heart. They are not preoccupied with being famous and taking selfies 24/7 or showing the world that they live "the life." They are being real and authentic beings..showing who they are….from playing their music, to planting flowers to developing cures for cancer or trip to space... showing their bravery. Or sometimes they are making us laugh or showing their passionate interest in their careers/life purpose and make reading fun with our 10 minute reading comprehension triva game with our PALS AROUND THE WORLD books. 

Since EVERYONE is an individual star in their own right - and has that special something.. being famous, being seen, being acknowledged on the internet and being remembered for having lots of likes is NOT what this world is about. It is especially important for our kids growing up to hear and take in this message. If only the MEDIA would help us with this process and those reading this who are posting/sharing too much and not living a life in balance. 

 I was reminded a few weeks ago of what’s important when a long time friend's father passed away a few days before his birthday. This was a man who loved and cared for his brood of kids and who was a self-made man with a laundry list of degrees, accomplishments and accolades in his lifetime - yet his obituary simply read that "he was loved by his family." As yes, they knew they didn't need to list these amazing things he did because it wasn't what was important. to him or to them. That is not what mattered.. They simply wanted those who knew him to know how much they loved their dad and how much he loved them.

Reading “the Circle” and what the digital media age does to artificially support/inspire, separate/isolate and divide us from REAL communication - and each other is a real wakeup call for people to be disciplined.. to lead their lives offline and value what is really important.

Though I sparingly watch tv, a new show in NYC called "Difficult people" popped on my screen the other day and I had to turn it off. The actors were so dysfunctional with their tweets and ADHD from living a wired life of tweets online 24/7- that it was incomprehensively boring and a sad take on the state of our society today and simply NOT FUNNY!

Another example of people and their use of social media and how the humor gets lost with this "dulled down" online life.  I know its been a big complaint of mine for quite some time, yet it continues to get worse., therefore I chose to write about it in the hopes of preventing an even more dysfunctional society than we already seem to have these days and to help consciously raise awareness to those who don't realize they have an online problem. 

This book "THE CIRCLE" by Dave Eggers depicts the duality of allowing a circle of EVERYONE access to everything via social medial tools similar to Facebook.. it creates this Totalitarian world where cameras are on people at all times (even when they think they are not watching), where people and children are chipped (like the Leslie Jacobs who has my same name/different spelling who was chipped in real life with her family in Florida on Good Morning America years ago like many of us saw at the end of the movie documentary ZeitGeist. This Leslie may not be me, spells Leslye differently, is not related to me and looks nothing like me - yet the message in this film was a warning. This book too, shows you the chillingly prophetic scary side of our world if we continue down this path..  if this was to happen than no one would have any privacy for their thoughts or individuality anymore with all government decisions being funneled though a one world government of "mob rule" mass decisions made in "reel time" likes (smiley faces) and frowns by millions of viewers - and anyone who doesn't succumb to this unhealthy online mob rule of the digital/camera world is made an outcast or driven to their deaths and/or inability to survive off the grid. Yes indeed this is only a ficticious novel, yet many parallels in this book are already here. “Hello ..anyone read 1984? also prophetic about big brother watching. The dark side of the digital world, yet it is what we faced millions of years ago when Atlantis sank and our society became divided between those two worlds.. those who were too into materialistic greed and the IT/digital world and those connected to their hearts and living a life in balance with the laws of respecting nature and staying connected to each other. Since history has a way of sometimes repeating itself - it is more important than ever for people to be conscious of living their life in balance and connected to their hearts and others in their life OFF the internet/grid. to face this repeat history that’s surfacing is really a test for humanity to do it “differently” this time around.

By opening your heart and connecting to the simple things in life and will see and feel the difference between these two worlds and make the right choices for yourself and for your family. We are on the precipice of change. What way will you go?

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