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Healing Clients with Depression: 3 Different Case Studies for Healing It

In the wake of Robin Williams passing Monday, I want to share more on the topic 

of healing clients with depression as a way of helping those who suffer from it or who

have a loved one currently battling depression. While we all have good  or bad days, and

experience depression at some point in our lives, suffering from depression

is something one can ONLY understand if they truly experience a person's pain 

directly themselves. This experience occurs when I heal clients with depression or any other ailment

-as the pain is "felt," and experienced during our healing work together. Oftentimes,

its felt before sessions too, as explained in my 3 client case studies below. 

Since earth is a learning ground, everyone goes through some form

of loss or depression at some point, otherwise we wouldn't  be here.

However, everyones "root source" and degree of depression is different. 

For example, I personally went through a depressed state during my spiritual awakening 

five-six years ago with the loss of my pet and a miscarriage among other life changes

to emerge from my cocoon and be me and my multi-dimensional self. My own healing path

was shared including how I used energy healing to self heal - weeding out emotions and patterns ancestrally 

and personally over lifetimes that were holding me back. 

Something I have not been shy about sharing to help others heal in my blogs over the years. 

Today, I work on continually staying happy and healthy and help my clients achieve that too, 

so that they can be their ultimate best - and feel great inside and out. 

An upbeat "funny" person - that is depressed may disguise it well by being the class clown that

entertains everyone -much like Robin Williams and other comedians. They sometimes hide their pain, because they don't want to be a burden and/or don't know how to share or even ask for help.. or may be too proud to ask.

Often times its a drug or chemical dependency disguising the root cause of their depression. 

Those that fall into this personality category - in the wake of Robin Williams passing,  will forever

make those in our society look a little deeper and question whether the "class clown" entertaining

us is truly happy or in need of help for depression. 

On the opposite spectrum, sometimes those that are depressed may tell everyone they are upset, 

and may not really want you to help them heal or take it away from them - as the depression

sometimes serves as a "crutch" for that person, like an old friend that they like having around. Another

type is the secretive depressed person that has trouble even telling those closest to them

that they are depressed and in need of help and instead - just withdraw from the world as they

don't want to "burden" others. 

These are only some of the scenarios of depression. There are many others. 

The truth in knowing if a client is depressed (with or without them telling me) - 

will come through information shown to me before and during our healing session.. along with the root cause.

As I recently shared, Depression is tricky and involves re-balancing

the hormonal imbalance in the brain along with removing the root cause of the 

depression. Sometimes this is from past or present lifetimes, but it will require removing 

and re-activating certain core beliefs to heal cognitive functions/thought patterns so the client will feel better. 

It may also stem genetically in a person's DNA. For example, if your grandfather suffered

from depression, you may be carrying certain genetic traits passed on in your DNA.

When depression is genetically inherited, it will reveal itself in our work together and will be removed. 

Though energy healing is great for depression - again.. it may or may not be the right modality unless

a person is open and ready for it - as we are all at different levels of understanding at this time. 

However in the future, it will be one of the main sources of healing it and other diseases. 

Prior to a session with a new client - Whatever the person is experiencing and in need of healing, I will know, 

as the signs will be shown to me - along with feelings/

sensations, insights, etc.  Since my clients range from young teens to every day people to celebs - 

I always ensure APA confidentiality agreements with my clients are reviewed and signed in advance and that advance prep rules are followed. I also ensure that file cases are handwritten (the "old school" way) and kept in a safe place to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

Below are a few Case Studies I would like to share with you of  3 different clients who 

suffered from depression. All completely different root causes for the disease and all brave enough to

"proactively" face healing it in miraculous ways.  It is my hope that by sharing these case studies with you, we can heal more people suffering from depression and prevent more suicides in the future in the wake of this weeks loss.

RIP Robin Williams.. You personally inspired me by example - as someone who was bullied growing up attending the very same middle school in Detroit where I was bullied, and showed me that things do get better. Thank you for being you and for inspiring the world!!  Though you left us too soon, we love you and you will be forever a part of our hearts and our world! 



This unusual case study involves a female client from Europe in her mid-fifties who is well educated with

several advanced degrees in the science field. My client scheduled an appointment with me complaining

of very low energy (not calling it depression).  I recall calling my friend the day before her appointment and saying

"I feel soooo very low and depressed" - and I didn't know why?" It was such a foreign

feeling to me!  Right away, speaking these words, I realized it was this client's energy I was

experiencing prior to her appointment. 

The client arrived the next day with a host of symptoms ranging from suspected Graves feelings

she was possibly abused as a child in infancy.. to Atrial Fibrillation, but when I remote viewed inside her body - she 

didn't have Graves or any past lifetimes at all!.. only bullying/abuse in THIS lifetime in early childhood and belief work to heal. as her fears of not being accepted were causing her to feel loneliness and depression in this lifetime.

She also had light or no traces of Graves (which I asked her to later go back and confirm with her MD). Though

I saw the "Afib" in her heart - it had surfaced, because she wanted to leave here (Earth) for not "fitting in." A core belief we were able to remove and heal. As although her father was comfortable in his skin  being a leading scientist, she was not,  and often had fears of not being accepted for their pioneering work. 

The Atrial Fibrillation was shown to be caused/ escalated by enormous fears causing her to manifest being attacked for being different and having a genius level IQ. (As this particular client had her research confiscated, etc. this lifetime for its ground breaking advancement). 

We also healed both her present and childhood this lifetime and made her feel safe here on earth and also "accepted and loved" unconditionally for who she is and the amazing gifts she brings with her during this lifetime. By changing her DNA and imprinting these new set of core beliefs -the depression was healed at the "root level." 

During this session, we also removed the fear of rejection for being different in the NOW and gave her a sense of calmness and happiness and unconditional love/acceptance by colleagues for her ground breaking scientific work and the ability to make friends and have a love interest just by being her - without having to try and "fit in" 

2-3 weeks later, post-visit, I learned my client received a great report from her MD and was completely off her "beta blockers" - so happy!

In addition, all post memories of feeling hurt/unloved for being bullied in her school days and up to 6 years ago as an adult were distant memories. In this particular client's "unique case" - she sought out alternative healers for ailments she didn't have as a way to try to "fit in" on the earth plane because she didn't feel she belonged here. She felt uncomfortable using her unique gifts - ahead of their time, something she no longer feels self-conscious of, but proud to be a pioneer. As yes, she was truly one of a handful of Alien "new-bees" I have healed with no previous past lifetimes in her energy field!

We helped her realize her life purpose for being here to help others with her work, and by doing so, we relieved her "homesickness" to leave earth -  making her comfortable in her soul path. 

By getting to the "root", my client learned the lesson of the disease, as she realized she could not just  "check out and leave" this lifetime without doing what she came here to do - as she has very important work to help mankind with her patent breakthroughs.

With new imprints to feel loved and appreciated, and a new found better understanding of herself, and her path and why she incarnated here with her father, 6 months later, my client is now happily living and enjoying her life, thriving at her work and in a love relationship.   



My next case study I would like to share, is a client with depression in his early 30s. 

This particular client had deep depression since his teen years that stemmed

from moving all over the US with his family at an early age.

After arriving to new towns, my client always had to "fit in" and make new friends.

Being the shortest in his class when he was younger - he found it was not always easy

to be accepted and be the new kid at school. In fact, he was often bullied so much that

even as an adult - it was leading him to play "old feelings" over again and not 

feel "worthy" at times from this experience. 

As a way of coping, my client developed OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at an early age to deal with his depression and anxiety when moving around. Something that he carried over into adulthood. 

Upon our first appointment, I asked him about his OCD, (something he didn't disclose but that Creator

showed me before his appointment).  In addition to tackling his depression and anxiety once and for all, this particular client was in the midst of heavy spiritual transformation - seeking out healings and trans-meditational

practices - making it easy for him to relax and tune-in to the healing work we needed to do. 

Prior to seeking out alternative treatments, my client first tried for years to heal his depression with the Western MD

approach to his depression. For ten years, my client took a drug called Lexipro - (used under a different synthetic name in Europe). Like with many clients who have taken it, he felt numbed in his mind, making him sluggish and slow for a long time. In order to live and "feel" alive again - my client decided to stop taking the drugs for several months. Despite feeling better, my client felt that he still needed to heal the dark thought patterns he found arising inside his head over and over again. 

Clients taking certain western anti-depressant or anxiety medications prescribed by western MDs will not make for good transformational energy healing candidates - especially if a client is too "numbed" out to connect. 

Fortunately, since this particular client was off the drug for many months (it was no longer in his system), we could do our session. with no interferences. 

When connecting to my client's energy field, the OCD and the root cause from moving 

around and being bullied were felt, and healed - as the OCD was his "coping mechanism" for

 the anxiety brought on by new surroundings, new people and new towns .. a repeat pattern in his childhood from

his father's job transfers. 

The client was re-imprinted with the core beliefs of being able to relax around people in all existing and new situations  socially, personally and professionally. This was particularly important, as my client worked

in sales and was constantly meeting new people. We also healed his throat chakra, making him

know that he is accepted for who he is and worthy of being people's friend,

significant other, etc.. without having to do things he did not feel comfortable with to fit in: (I,e, 

drinking, drugs or alcohol), or trying to impress people as a way of being accepted. 

Lastly, we removed the pain and trauma of childhood bullying and healed

past and present-lifetime trauma with his father that surfaced in this lifetime, 

particularly a "competitiveness" that stemmed from a past Moroccan Lifetime

that continued over into this lifetime. The work we did gave my client "total

acceptance" and better understanding of the context of how he knew his

dad in the past and how it related to their present relationship and their differences

about money and their competitiveness. It also helped him to have

more acceptance (based on this new found information) of his dad for 

who he is this lifetime without taking his differing opinions and lazy lifestyle personally. 

Post follow-up a month later, my client is not only looking and feeling great, but the depression

is gone and he finds his communication with co-workers and his girlfriend much

improved along with a glowing "zest" for life. Always happy to hear that! 


Sometimes a client has so much healing to do that the depression

is masked by multiple areas that need to be cleared up. 

Such is the case of my next client, a gay Latino male in his early 40s

who works in entertainment.  My client - a very outgoing

and friendly man who always helps people - found that he had 

been stuck in an abusive relationship that was making him feel down

and suicidal at times. 

While this was the reason for his visit, there were several areas

that were intuitively shown to me both before the appointment

and during our session - that showed what needed healing and 

the root cause of these feelings.

For starters, my client had closure issues with his adoptive father

who passed away tragically when he was only a teen. This was

something that left him feeling a deep sense of loss without closure. 

We were also shown deep lessons to be learned this life with both

his adoptive mother and father and learning to be 

authentic with them along with being his true self with this father (on the other side)

who accepts him as being gay. 

Through our work together, we healed his throat

chakra and helped him find his authentic  "true voice" with 

co-workers, his family and his partner. This was especially important, 

as before his visit, he told white lies and gave people what they "wanted to here" 

instead of being "authentic" and telling the truth about how he truly felt.

Something my client confirmed during our post visit follow-up, but something that 

he wasn't able to "recognize" in himself until a month or so after our healing - as his 

behavior patterns were unconscious. 

Next, I was shown a contractual relationship/ friendship past lifetime

with his birth mother (this lifetime) who agreed to birth him into this world. It

was shown that they had no mutual desire to find each other (this lifetime)

as they both know the lesson here was for my client to learn to use his voice and 

learn other lessons with his adoptive parents - not his birth mother. 

My client confirmed that he does in fact have no desire or need to look up his birth mother and

this too resonated before we cleared childhood belief patterns/wounds. 

Next, we did work to better understand the abusive love relationship he had with his

current boyfriend, who is close in age and also Latino. A big connection to Peru was shown

to me past life where my client was the favorite son of his boyfriend in a Peruvian Incan life, many lifetimes

ago. My client started to shout "I cannot believe you are seeing this - as I have had a fascination

with Peru, suggested we vacation there together and my boyfriend just went there for business!"  

My clients current boyfriend was controlling "this lifetime" because of his role as his father (past lifetime)

in Peru, where my client was killed.  This helped my client peel back the layers and "better understand" the whys - 

with his current partner as to why he was so over-bearing and possessive this lifetime and allowed

him to set healthier boundaries with him to be treated like an equal, instead of a child. He also found he could now be more "authentic" and honest with his boyfriend when he objected to his boyfriends controlling ways. 

All the imprints and healing we did lifted my clients depression so dramatically that

he ended this unusually long session with uncontrollable laughter! Something my client said he had not experienced,

in many years. Feeling elated that we did successful healing work to clear his depression, but knowing the 

importance of ensuring my clients are grounded after our work together, I insisted he stay

and drink a full glass of water and smoke one of his organic cigarettes.  This was appropriate,

as my client is a smoker who didn't want to quit at the time, so putting him on my terrace to make sure he was grounded enough to the earth plane to drive home safely, and ensuring he drank his water helped him cure his giggles. :)

Since Peruvian Shamans use Natural tobacco to heal in the Amazon, and given my client's comfort

level with this healing modalities of Peru - it was the best grounding for him. For other clients it may be holding a crystal or ensuring they eat a piece of food to ground themselves. The approach and healing used is always adjusted vibrationally to the person's comfort level in the now - based on their "past and present" 

As some of you will learn,  when you experience a healing like this, 

it is quite normal to feel "floaty" and "dizzy" from working so high in the ethers.. but our 

life and spiritual purpose is here on the earth plane, therefore drinking fluids and ensuring

my clients are fully present and okay to leave is a necessary step to close sessions - though I was thrilled

that my client found his "laugh attack" so very healing and enjoyable. 

Post follow up three months later, my client feels much more vocal with people who over-step 

boundaries with him. In turn, he ended his abusive relationship with his boyfriend, moved to a new place,

and found a more suitable roommate that respected his rules/boundaries. He also sounds truly happy with no more

depression and anxiety.

Proof by example that my client healed the depression stemming from our work healing multiple areas.

He no longer allows people to take advantage of him - speaking honestly/authentically, and has closure

with his dad on the other side who loves and accepts him for who he is - feeling happier and more at ease. 

For more information about Energy healing to cure your depression,

please feel free to email me at

or visit my website at:

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