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With so many people and loved ones impacted by Cancer - it is more important than ever for people to search deep within to cure and remove disease from the body. 

ANY Disease can be removed from the body but in our world of Western medicine -  the common cure tactics today for diseases such as Cancer is ONLY the  "removal" and post radiation and chemotherapy treatments without embracing other alternative healing modalities to address the underlying root cause. 

A healthy diet and exercise lifestyle are certainly important too - but just as important is the body-mind-spirit connection for removing fear based thoughts, beliefs and trauma that cause the disease/cancer cells to form in the first place.

One can opt for a double mastectomy or to remove a tumor that keeps growing back - but that western medicine approach alone is clearly putting a band-aid on the issue without addressing the underlying root cause. 

Working in conjunction with M.D.s and western medicine is so important but so is doing one's best to embrace and connect to the underlying cause - to work "outside their comfort zone" to identify the source…many times with my clients, the "why" they contracted the disease (for their own learning/journey) is buried deep within their subconscious. They know the fear is there.. but our work together gives them a better understanding of where it is coming from and how it manifested in the NOW - so we can gently and effectively remove/heal the belief work and trauma so the disease doesn't resurface. 

It gives my clients insight on how to better understand how their thoughts/beliefs contributed to the disease and how important their own role is in removing the disease themselves from the body.  DNA/Energy work allows my clients to achieve this- something we will be seeing more of in our "mainstream" society in the 21st century. 

By removing unhealthy belief work and removing "core fears"  imprinted in a person's DNA coding.. the fear/pain/trauma that caused the disease to manifest in the first place is removed and imprinted with new positive beliefs that no longer create fear, trauma or disease in the body - regardless of one's lineage.. as you are not your mother, brother, father or grandmother - and your DNA and core beliefs carrying these genes can and will be changed. 

 This type of healing may resonate with many of you - but be patient with your loved ones who are "old school" or not ready for it yet. This type of healing modality cannot be "coerced " or cajoled - as a person has to believe. They have to truly understand the mind (belief work) connection to their bodies.. and must truly want to remove the disease and change their dna coding by better understanding their own unhealthy thoughts/beliefs traumas in their lineage that caused the disease to form in the first place. They have to truly want the harm to be gone from their system -and what they "think" may be the underlying cause often surprises them when we do this work together.. as again, its deep within their subconscious and is not at times "conscious" for many having a physical or emotional ailment that needs healing. 

Those clients ready for 21st century healing  have to believe and want to be healed with all their heart and soul. That is why clients I work with are often those open to new healing modalities. They are educated people who want to take ownership themselves of their own healing beyond the boundaries of what they have been taught conditionally in a society that has mainly embraced Western medicine as the only cure. They are open to obtaining a better level of understanding (whether they have it consciously or unconsciously- to how the disease came to them in the first place (for their own learning and growth this lifetime) and are open to eradicating disease/trauma/fears and harmful belief patterns at the root level. 

Western medicine is NOT always the answer and again.. you can cut off the arm to remove a cancerous tumor but again, if the belief work causing the disease to form is still there.. its not addressing the underlying root of the problem, and that tumor can come back. Removal alone of the disease is just a "band-aid," The underlying root cause is the fears/core beliefs in one's DNA lineage that caused the disease to manifest in the first place. With energy work and trust/belief in CREATOR - anyone one or thing can be healed.. you just have to be open and will it!

Embracing an "east meets west" connection to a combination of healing modalities that are "comfortable" for the person is what is best. .. for example  with cancer - Western medicine .. i.e.. radiation, chemo post surgery or extraction of the area  for "peace of mind" combined with doing the belief work are ideal practices with where "mainstream society" is at today in their understanding of healing.

If this resonates with you .. you are ready for the healing coming back to us in the 21st century. If you don't want to believe beyond your "comfort zone" of western medicine - than you are not quite ready for the work we do… and thats okay too.. In time you will be. 

Coasting at a speed and comfort level that is right for you is best.. As one can never interfere with a person's journey to self heal and learn from their disease.. However, prayers to open people up to heal themselves in a way that is best for them is a good way to start… and more and more.. those new to energy healing are finding its benefits (as i see with my clients).. so it is well on its way to becoming a new treatment for many who are opening up to it and who want to proactively take ownership in their own healing by doing the necessary work. 

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