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Everyone in life is hit with adversity at some point. When you and/or someone you love experience some type of tragic circumstance or interference, you must find yourself a new dream. Even if someone you once loved/thought was meant to be a part of your life is no longer here.  You must accept circumstances and not let this change taint you or your heart. Healing from painful circumstances like the pain of divorce or the loss of a loved one can be difficult for people and their families, but we are all capable of healing, just like we are all capable of falling in love with more than one person in a lifetime at any age. As the saying goes.. "time heals all wounds."   One of my biggest role models for love at any age was my widowed grandfather George ("Poppies"),  who remarried after being widowed after 50 years of marriage in his 80s! 

Though love can feel great when young or old -  sometimes others - especially those NOT following a heart path or who don't have deep felt connection in their own relationships -  don't like it or understand it. I find this especially to be true with those going through new found changes…, that is why people who find love again after divorce or widowhood often make new friends and associations, to start a clean slate. This may include the exclusion of some family too. 

For a while, there may be people in your life who may not understand your needs to let certain aspects of your past go, including people, places and/or belongings that keep them stuck in the past. Othertimes, those in your life may not be able to share in your newfound happiness  (as they may feel stuck or unable to make the breakthroughs or necessary changes they need to make things better in their own relationships through healing or therapy, etc..) Therefore, those not understanding you or your decisions (because they are not dealing with their own) may not be the best energy to have in your life when you embark on changes.  Only you know what decisions, people and places are really right for you with whatever road you take and whoever you choose to be with on your journey - and that includes in the best interest of your children too.  Once you "strip away" conditioning and unconscious habits - you can really choose what road is best with confidence, regardless of what other people think.  Looking to your contemporaries and their decisions doesn't work.. as your life and choices are not theres!  Everyone may want you to go one way.. and deep down you know your decision leads you another way. When this occurs,  you have to stick to your guns.. as your decisions and circumstances are unique to you and your higher self… and if others judge you - so what?! they are NOT you.. and until someone walks in your shoes, they really cannot judge you or your heart.

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Comment by Leslye Jacobs on December 21, 2014 at 12:26pm


Thank you for sharing this. You are fortunate to be able to access through meditation and awareness these emotions - to ease the pain and transcend your understanding of death/loss in your life - a temporary, not permanent separation. I only hope in the coming years that we are able to touch more people with seeing/understanding death and illness differently. I too, had a loved one of mine go through a brain aneurysm..and though I was not there to see the recovery or know about it until a year later, I was aware on a subconscious level - as I was shown signs and messages in real life and deep meditation that he was being "cleansed and healed." - only I didn't know at the time what that meant. This was a man I had deeply loved/cared about - but who was no longer in my life.  A year later, he appeared in Florida to visit me and tell me he had almost died from this aneurysm - in the same hospital at the same time my dad was recovering from a brain aneurysm - only I didnt know it!. It was so difficult to comprehend that the physical casing in front me looked okay and was very much alive, but the actual person I knew and loved was not there in front of me anymore.  Though I had a brave face in front of him, I cried and cried for three days over this and beat myself up over why I couldnt have responded to the signs i received and helped him more. Though i knew something was wrong in my meditations, I was upset that i didnt do more to reach out and help. However, with time and reflection the past (almost two years), I was clearly shown that it was not my role to be there for him or to see him through this recovery. It took time to process the enormous sense of loss/sadness that the person I knew and once loved was not here anymore in the capacity that I had known him - and that he didnt want my help or love.  Still a hardship to accept when you love someone, but the signs were there all along why I pulled away from him many times on my path and pursued different relationships with men this lifetime and why he knew I was not to be there for him through this.  As it took me a while to realize on a subconscious level through signs and my work past and present lifetimes - that this incident was going to happen.  My inability to let him be too close to me this lifetime was the key indicator.. Deep trance/meditation this past year has allowed me to feel and access the pain he endured from this type of injury to come to terms with it.. and to have compassion for him.  My other research on past lifetimes with colleagues qualified both spiritually and clinically in the field of past life regression has given me the other answers I needed. For example, the karmic consequences of why this event occurred - as I felt the paralysis of his brain - similar to my past lifetime death from polio. A lifetime I validated many times (also with this man) in which I left him widowed with polio while i lived my remaining years in exhile/quarentine. Experiencing polio in that lifetime.. it can only be described as a similar feeling of paralysis  - only it is the body spreading up to the brain....and his aneurysm felt almost the same - with a paralysis of his thoughts/brain patterns - yet the heart still feeling love but unable to communicate/process the thoughts. This Reiki healing circle/meditation was a profound breakthrough for me - but very sad to experience this.  Just like him, in my polio lifetime, I wanted to be left alone and so I understand the same feeling with his injury now going through something similar to what I had gone through than - but in a different way.  It was especially painful as a healer - as healers always to want to help, but ive learned over many lifetimes that sometimes (like in this case) it is not our job to heal that person. As healers we must only help those on our path that we have permission to help/heal- including loved ones and must allow them to live out their karmic paths/lessons - sometimes without our help, though prayers are always welcome. And I know ultimately from my work - that we have more than one life partner/soulmate over many lifetimes and that this injury was pre-planned at the LBL (life between life) process for his soul's growth. My father too had an aneurysm of the heart at the same time in the same hospital. This was all while I was living in France with my boyfriend at the time. Obviously, I too, have had healing to do from these events (almost two years ago).. but like my clients, I too, am here to learn, grow and heal and set "healthy boundaries" so that I may live my life and deal the best I can with my life circumstances too.  We can pray for others healing, but sometimes it is not our role to be there. It is up to the person to want to heal themselves and learn from what they agreed to experience from a disease or injury before they incarnated. As a soul group - we are all aware of our plans beforehand and then our conscouisness is covered up. If it wasnt.. it would be like watching a ball game you know your going to win.. The idea is to "feel your way" and grow/learn by how each of us handles our life's lessons.. we all must do it in the best way we can. Patrizia, you obviously were there to be an important part of your mother's healing/comfort when she needed it most and will continue to be connected with her from a different dimension, as the relationships are still there. The same applies with Grain. I have had many loving pets and they let me know they are around all the time as well as ancestors that I love dearly from this lifetime who have passed.  Today is December 21st - the Winter Solstice and its a great time for reflection/meditation and prayer in hibernation today..  to continue to focus on your thoughts/feelings for those we love/care about and for yourself.. Calling in your guides and Archangel Michael is especially helpful on this day- the darkest day of the year: to reflect, to shed pain and to bring in the light. Thanks again for sharing your story and how your work is healing you. I hope in turn, by sharing my story - I help you and others dealing with pain/loss heal too. With much love, light and blessings,  Leslye 

Comment by Patrizia on December 21, 2014 at 10:10am

Thanks Leslye, 

your kind words were a caress on my Heart, Thanks again. Growing in Consciousness means that when we lose someone precious to us, we 'metabolize' mourn in different way, and faster. During meditation, a special one, i accompanied my mother, that was in vigilant coma for 9 months, after a cerebral hemorrhage, i understood what i did, only some days and month later. The same thing happened for my Grain, i meet them in meditation, now meeting Mom is less painful, but for Grain is still touching...

Love and wonderful Golden Light


Comment by Leslye Jacobs on December 21, 2014 at 9:49am


Thank you for your comments. First and foremost, I am so very sorry for your loss - as pets are our family - so I understand how losing both your pet and your dear mother is so much to go through.  Having messages from the other side and studying/delving deep into the reincarnation process including LBL (life between lives) and mediumship tendancies that come with healing after our loved ones cross over.. may you find comfort in knowing that they are still with you and connected with you. May you find peace, love and comfort this holiday in knowing that and be open to signs showing that they are still with you. It is something i have written about and is something you can tap into with greater awareness. Physical life ends - but the love and connection with those in our soul group never dies.   With much love and healing to you! Love and Light, Leslye 

Comment by Patrizia on December 21, 2014 at 9:35am

Very true Leslye, i've lived directly on my skin, myMom loss almost 2 years ago, and almost 1 month ago, the loss of my beloved dear dog Grain, who has been with me for 18 years...he and the female one, elder too,have been my Family for 18 years, very few people can understand what this loss means, but absolutely i don't care, people is always ready to judge others behavior...till they experience same loss on their skin.

I wish that nobody experiences any loss, obviously!

Love and Blessings


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